Akosua Manu Wins NPP Parliamentary Primaries for Adentan Constituency

Akosua Manu Wins NPP Parliamentary Primaries for Adentan Constituency

Akosua Manu, affectionately known as Kozie, has clinched victory in the New Patriotic Party’s (NNP) parliamentary primaries for the Adentan constituency. The Deputy Chief Executive of the Ghana National Youth Authority secured a notable win with 814 votes, surpassing her closest contender, Kwasi Obeg Fosu, who polled 638 votes.

The election, held to select parliamentary candidates in orphan constituencies, witnessed a keenly contested race between Kozie and Kwasi Obeg Fosu. Kozie’s triumph with a lead of 176 votes has sparked celebrations among party faithfuls, marking a significant milestone in her political journey.

Party Enthusiasm and Celebration

The news of Kozie’s victory has resonated positively among NPP supporters, who are enthusiastic about her potential representation in the Adentan constituency. The celebration of her win underscores the importance of grassroots engagement and the impact of dynamic individuals within political party structures.


Delegates’ Role in the Election Process

The parliamentary primaries are part of the NPP’s comprehensive preparation strategy for the upcoming 2024 general elections. Delegates played a crucial role in the election process, exercising their voting rights to determine the party’s candidate for the Adentan constituency.

Understanding Orphan Constituencies

Orphan constituencies, as defined within the NPP context, are areas where the party currently lacks sitting Members of Parliament. These are constituencies whose current MPs are affiliated with the National Democratic Congress (NDC) or independent candidates. The parliamentary primaries in these constituencies serve as a strategic move by the NPP to bolster its presence and increase the chances of securing these seats in the upcoming elections.

The Road Ahead for Kozie


As the elected NPP parliamentary candidate for the Adentan constituency, Kozie now faces the responsibility of not only representing the party but also addressing the needs and concerns of the constituents. Her victory positions her as a key player in the party’s quest to strengthen its foothold in the orphan constituencies.

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