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Funny Face begs ex-wife for forgiveness; Whatsapp chats leak

Funny Face’s ex-wife, Nana Adwoa, has refused to respond to the comedian’s public apology to her.
The popular comic actor, on Wednesday, February 12, 2020, took to social media to apologise to his ex-wife in his bid to diffuse any anger and enmity between them.
In a long letter, Funny Face indicated that he had forgiven her for every sort of “crime” she committed against him and pleaded that Nana Adwoa, in turn, should also forgive him.



Nana Adwoa refused to respond and a section of social media users criticised Funny Face for bringing his ‘apology’ public.

But in another post, Funny Face has defended his actions by posting a screenshot of his Whatsapp chats with his ex-wife.

The photo as sighted by Ghananewspunch.com shows Funny Face tried to get Nana Adwoa on Whatsapp, but she ignored him.

He even claims to have to the ex-wife’s police station to take her contact from her colleagues, but, several calls made to her phone went unanswered.

It is out of the inability to talk to Nana Adwoa that he decided to bring the apology on social media as he had to do it to free himself from the anger he initially felt.


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