Here’s why Becca didnt marry a Ghanaian

According to Afia Pokuaa formerly of Adom FM interviewing songstress Becca on her “Vim Talk” Show, claimed that Ghanaian men are pissed off all because Becca got married to a Nigerian man.

She claimed Ghanaian men are complaining that they had interests in Becca and plans of getting married to her but unfortunately they couldn’t approach her because of her celebrity status.

Well, Becca in response to the above laughed it off by saying that Ghanaian men weren’t sharp enough to grab her hence her marriage to Nigerian man, Tobi Sanni.

According to Becca, Ghanaian men should stop complaining about her marriage to a Nigerian man because she lived in Ghana for 33 years and no Ghanaian man made the attempt to take her to the altar.


Apparently, Tobi Sanni Daniel was the man who looked sharp, saw something good in her and then grabbed her!

Watch the interview below:

Source: ghanaweb

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