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Majid Michel turns barber; gives John Dumelo a bad boy’s haircut in new photo


Majid Michel turns barber; gives John Dumelo a bad boy’s haircut in new photo

A celebrated Ghanaian actor, Majid Michel who is now a born-again Christian and a preacher of the Word has been spotted in a trending photo giving John Dumelo a nice haircut.

In the photo, the renowned actor was seen with a shaving machine in what appeared to be a barbering saloon as he trimmed John Dumelo’s hair. The haircut appeared beautiful with Majid giving Dumelo a nice trim to fit his colleague actor.

Dumelo who appeared to be enjoying the shave, had his eyes closed while the actor turned barber did the work on his hair.

Majid and Dumelo are part of the most popular celebrities in Ghana. Although the latter is now deeply into politics and currently vying for a member of parliament for Ayawaso Wuogon Constituency in the upcoming 2020 elections.

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God did you see me reading the Bible? i read it today. So now will you answer my prayer? Now will you be pleased with me? Iisten… if you choose never to read the Bible again, God will still love you. But if you don’t read the Bible, you won’t love God because you won’t renew your mind and you won’t understand these things i’m talking about. You need to start accepting that God is pleased with you because you put faith in Jesus. God i’m getting into the Bible not to impress you but to change my thinking. We study the word not to make God love us but to make us love Him and to understand what He’s done for us. we don’t pray because we want God to accept us. We pray because we love God. We spend time with God because we love him, not because we are trying to get him to love us. God loves us whether we go to church or not. if you don’t come to church God won’t bless you, God won’t use you, God won’t answer your prayers and we use fear and control in order to get people to do the right thing. Hey if you make people know that, they will stop going to church. Really? well… maybe they will still go to church because they love God instead of being afraid of Him. Most people think if you preach this and take away the fear from people, people are just going to live like the devil. You know some people will live like the devil after hearing it but that’s because they never really loved God in the first place. it was only fear that was making them do the right thing. but you see, God looks beyond your actions and looks at your heart. So if you were doing the right thing with the wrong heart, God wasn’t pleased with it in the first place. You are not going to make people sin through preaching on Grace. What you will do is free them from condemnation. They already wanted to steal they just weren’t stealing not because they love God but cos they were afraid to. You won’t make anybody who really loved God stop loving God by preaching on grace. Preaching on grace doesn’t set you free to sin it sets you free from sin. From the guilt and the condemnation and it allows you to enter into a relationship with God. i highly recommend you understanding the true gospel. #LEADERSHiP

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