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Here’s how can use your Android smartphone as a TV remote.



Here’s how can use your Android smartphone as a TV remot.

Here’s how can use your Android smartphone as a TV remote; In this era of technological advancement, everything is possible. Your android smartphone is not only for making calls and chatting. It can also serve the purpose of a tv remote as well. Wondering how you’re going to do this? Find out now.

Here’s A simple guide to setting up:

Google play store, which app is suitable?

  • First and foremost, go to the Google Play Store and, if your TV is android , download the Android TV Remote Control app.
  • On your downloaded app, search for your TV. Make sure the two devices are in close proximity.
  • If your Smart TV was made by a different manufacturer, there are other universal remote control apps that you can download from the Google Play Store. Once you have the app, you can also search for your TV.

How to configure your TV with your smartphone?

  • The next step is to configure your TV with the app you’ve just downloaded on your smartphone. Before attempting this step, it’s best to make sure both devices are connected to the same WiFi network.
  • By selecting your TV from the app on your Android phone, you can configure both devices by entering a pin that is shown to you.
  • Once you are connected, your phone is now your TV remote and the display will show various buttons, similar to those you’d find on the traditional TV remote.
  • From there, you can click through to access your favourite channels and apps and shows.

If having problems during this process, it is important to note that keeping the two devices in close proximity makes it easier to set up. Also, always make sure that there aren’t many objects in the way.



This is how to hide your phone number when making calls on MTN

This is how to hide your phone number when making calls on MTN: Now it is easy to hide and unhide your number when making calls, this service from MTN allows you to call someone with a service called MTN CLIR/SO. This offer costs GHS2 every month.

To activate the Caller Hide ID on your MTN line, follow the steps below:

  • Dial 1333
  • Set a new pin code
  • Confirm the pin code
  • Create a new SMS and type clir<Space>activate<space>pin
  • Send the to 1333
  • The Caller Hide feature will be activated…Read more..


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What is the difference between DSTV Zapper and Explora Decoders?



difference between DSTV Zapper and Explora Decoders

What is the difference between DSTV Zapper and Explora Decoders?

DSTV a direct broadcast satellite network owned by MultiChoice that entertains its customers with diverse content tailored per location.

To be able to enjoy DSTV’s services, you need a decoder which is a hardware component of the subscription. There two different kinds of decoder available for customers to choose. The most sought after ones are the Zapper HD decoder and the Explora decoder.

What then distinguishes these two decoders?

DSTV Zapper HD decoder

The Zapper HD decoder is a budget decoder that give more values to its users. The decoder provides clear HD pictures with XtraView capability based on the bouquet subscription (works with DStv Premium, DStv Compact, DStv FamilyDStv Indian, DStv Bue (Portuguese) bouquet, All DStv Franciase (French) bouquets subscriptions).

DSTV Zapper HD decoder

The XtraView functionality allows two qualifying decoders to be linked together in one household without having to pay two full subscriptions. Depending on the allowed decoder combination, users can get up to three different channels on three different TV’s at the same time: 1110 – 1110: This option gives users two different channels in two different rooms with all the interactive applications (such as SuperSport Active & Weather 24) in both rooms.

The Zapper HD decoder also provides the following values;

  • Users are able to set reminders for channel views
  • Parental controls to restrict kids access
  • Interactive guide that enhance channel navigation, and
  • Great search options

In Ghana, a Zapper HD decoder plus a full Dish Installation kit and 1 month free Access subscription costs GHS 169. The Zapper HD decoder alone without the Dish Installation Kit can be purchased at GHS139.

DSTV Explora decoder

Explora is a premium HD decoder that offers all the values of the Zapper HD decoder in addition some extra features that can not be found on Zapper. The Explora decoder adds DSTV Catch-Up, Playlist, and More recording time features to all of the Zapper HD features it provides to its users.

Also, Explora is the only decoder at the moment that allows users to enjoy the Box Office service; a movie rental service by DSTV.

Users of Explora decoders have much more customization opportunities. You are able to record and watch later your favorite movies, playback and even pause play.

An Explora decoder with the full Dish installation Kit plus a Smart LNB can be purchased at GHS854 in Ghana. The decoder alone without the dish installation kit and the Smart LNB can be purchased at just GHS499

If you want extra values and the freedom to customize your view, we recommend that you go in for DSTV Explora Decoder. However, if on budget and still wants to get value for money, go in for the Zapper HD decoder.

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You won’t be able to WhatsApp again from January 1 if you are still using these phones



You won't be able to WhatsApp again from January 1

Millions of people across the world may lose the opportunity to use the popular instant messaging app, WhatsApp, as the mobile app manufacturers said it will cease to work on older devices, starting from Friday, January 1.

Yahoo News, citing a report by TechRadar, said the app makers confirmed that those who have smartphones with software older than iOS 9 or Android 4.0.3 won’t be able to use the app in 2021 and beyond.

According to the information at hand, those whose devices have iOS 9 or Android 4.0.3 or above before January 1 will be safe and continue to have access to the app.

It is, however, reported that the new development implies that those who have an iPhone 4 or older won’t be able to upgrade to the latest software at all.

This also applies to those who have very old Androids, especially those that were released nearly a decade ago.

How to update your WhatsApp For those using iPhones, WhatsApp can be updated via Settings > General > Software Update.

Android device owners should head to Settings and find a section called About Phone.

Depending on the device, the update section might be found under More Settings.

However, older devices will not be able to upgrade their software beyond a certain point, so WhatsApp will stop altogether for these users.

This means those using older phones should get new replacements before they can continue using WhatsApp in 2021.

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KiDi named brand ambassador for Samsung Ghana



Samsung Electronics, Ghana has announced Ghanaian Highlife singer-songwriter, KiDi, as its brand ambassador for 2020/2021.

The decision, according to the technology giant, comes at a time when Samsung Ghana wants to position the brand to be “cool” for consumers.

The one-year ambassadorial deal is expected to create a mutual benefit between KiDi and Samsung Ghana as well as raise more brand awareness for all the technology company’s products in Ghana.

Managing Director of Samsung Ghana, Mr Eugene Nahm, noted that KiDi’s music career trajectory exhibits and exudes characteristics that truly reflects Samsung’s brand promise and aspirations for the new decade.

“It’s an honour to have a young music icon like KiDi, who is loved by many Ghanaians, associated with Samsung. The music star will promote the brand’s smartphone devices with a focus on our Galaxy A Series. KiDi’s tech lifestyle infused with music fits well into our DNA,” he stated.

Speaking on his association with Samsung Ghana, KiDi said “It’s an absolute thrill to be a brand ambassador for a top global brand like Samsung. This partnership is all about the progress and growth with mutual benefit. On this journey, we aim to achieve more bringing more value to Ghanaian consumers”.

The very talented highlife singer KiDi, born Dennis Nana Dwamena, is one of Ghana’s most promising young stars.

The much-loved singer has grown with his career and has quickly emerged as one of the leaders of the new school of Ghana highlife music.

Hit songs like ‘Say You Love Me’, ‘Odo’,  ‘Adiepena’ and the more recent ‘Enjoyment’ has garnered a huge following for the budding star, making him a household music icon – an achievement that Samsung believes would help push their trajectory.


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