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Akufo-Addo hiding numbers; Ghana’s actual COVID-19 numbers far worse than current reports – Mahama claims


Akufo-Addo hiding numbers; Ghana’s ‘actual’ COVID-19 numbers far worse than current reports – Mahama claims

Former President, John Mahama says Ghana’s actual cases may be far worse than the figures captured and reported by the Ghana Health Service (GHS)

Ghana has recorded 2,074 COVID-19 positive cases with recovery standing at 212 whiles the number of death cases reported is 17.

Speaking in his latest engagement through his “Digital Conversation” platform, the former President noted that Ghana’s current numbers may be far more than its been captured because of the country’s constraints with testing capacity.

He noted that the current figures recorded are an indication that the country has passed the containment stage and currently have to fight community spread.

Mr. Mahama, however, noted that the government of Ghana seems lost because there has not been any clear cut strategy in the Coronavirus response and leaves the destinies of Ghanaians in their own hands; something which was evident in the President’s eight address that called on Ghanaians to be self-disciplined.

“An update by the Ghana Health Service puts Ghana’s confirmed cases at 2,074 with 212 recoveries and 17 deaths. The cases are spread across 12 of our 16 regions with Greater Accra being the epicenter with 1,795 cases. Clearly we’ve passed the containment phase of the disease and are currently having to fight community spread.

While the official Statistics are what we have to work with, it is clear that actual cases may be far more than captured because of the constraints of testing capacity but unfortunately, the government has still not come out with any comprehensive plan detailing its strategy in the coronavirus response. As the President implied in his last address, our destinies are in our own hands. He urged Ghanaians to exercise self-discipline by respecting the social and physical distancing guidelines and wear masks to avoid infection”.

With the President leaving the destiny of citizens into their own hands, the former President who was shocked and worried that health workers who are the forefront of the fight against COVID-19 have been made to suffer a similar fate with the lack of PPEs at the various health facilities and health workers have had to buy PPEs from their own resources and quizzed the President on the whereabouts of the eight billion dollars available to the government for the fight against the novel disease.


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