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What is the difference between DSTV Zapper and Explora Decoders?



difference between DSTV Zapper and Explora Decoders

What is the difference between DSTV Zapper and Explora Decoders?

DSTV a direct broadcast satellite network owned by MultiChoice that entertains its customers with diverse content tailored per location.

To be able to enjoy DSTV’s services, you need a decoder which is a hardware component of the subscription. There two different kinds of decoder available for customers to choose. The most sought after ones are the Zapper HD decoder and the Explora decoder.

What then distinguishes these two decoders?

DSTV Zapper HD decoder

The Zapper HD decoder is a budget decoder that give more values to its users. The decoder provides clear HD pictures with XtraView capability based on the bouquet subscription (works with DStv Premium, DStv Compact, DStv FamilyDStv Indian, DStv Bue (Portuguese) bouquet, All DStv Franciase (French) bouquets subscriptions).


DSTV Zapper HD decoder

The XtraView functionality allows two qualifying decoders to be linked together in one household without having to pay two full subscriptions. Depending on the allowed decoder combination, users can get up to three different channels on three different TV’s at the same time: 1110 – 1110: This option gives users two different channels in two different rooms with all the interactive applications (such as SuperSport Active & Weather 24) in both rooms.

The Zapper HD decoder also provides the following values;

  • Users are able to set reminders for channel views
  • Parental controls to restrict kids access
  • Interactive guide that enhance channel navigation, and
  • Great search options

In Ghana, a Zapper HD decoder plus a full Dish Installation kit and 1 month free Access subscription costs GHS 169. The Zapper HD decoder alone without the Dish Installation Kit can be purchased at GHS139.

DSTV Explora decoder

Explora is a premium HD decoder that offers all the values of the Zapper HD decoder in addition some extra features that can not be found on Zapper. The Explora decoder adds DSTV Catch-Up, Playlist, and More recording time features to all of the Zapper HD features it provides to its users.

Also, Explora is the only decoder at the moment that allows users to enjoy the Box Office service; a movie rental service by DSTV.

Users of Explora decoders have much more customization opportunities. You are able to record and watch later your favorite movies, playback and even pause play.


An Explora decoder with the full Dish installation Kit plus a Smart LNB can be purchased at GHS854 in Ghana. The decoder alone without the dish installation kit and the Smart LNB can be purchased at just GHS499

If you want extra values and the freedom to customize your view, we recommend that you go in for DSTV Explora Decoder. However, if on budget and still wants to get value for money, go in for the Zapper HD decoder.

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