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My body tattoo is covering a scar I don’t want to see – Sonnie Badu clarifies his body tattoo



Sonnie Badu body tattoo

Renowned gospel musician, Sonnie Badu, has shed light on the motivation behind his decision to get tattoos, a choice that sparked discussions and raised eyebrows among some members of the public.

In a recent interview with Bola Ray, on Starr FM, Sonnie Badu candidly explained that a scar on a particular part of his body held painful memories that he preferred not to revisit. To cope with the trauma associated with the scar, he opted to conceal it with tattoos.

Contrary to assumptions that the tattoos were merely a fashion statement, Sonnie Badu clarified that the primary goal was to prevent the rekindling of distressing memories linked to the scar. The gospel musician emphasized that the decision was rooted in personal experiences, aimed at avoiding emotional turmoil.

“I have a scar, and I don’t want to relive the trauma, that is why I have a tattoo,” Sonnie Badu revealed when questioned about the motive behind his body art.


The revelation offers a more nuanced understanding of Sonnie Badu’s choice to tattoo his body, dispelling misconceptions that arose when news of his tattoos became public. The gospel artist faced criticism for the decision, particularly due to his prominent role in the gospel music scene. However, his candid explanation provides a glimpse into the personal struggles and coping mechanisms that influence individuals’ choices, even those in the public eye.

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