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Running a country as a President is not like running a night club – Afia Schwarzenegger to Cheddar



Running a country as a Presidency is not like running a night club

Controversial media personality and socialite, Afia Schwarzenegger, has responded to rumors linking Nana Kwame Bediako (Cheddar) to “The New Force” political movement. Expressing her views in a TikTok live session, Afia Schwarzenegger questioned Cheddar’s suitability for the presidency, emphasizing concerns about his education and qualifications.

Afia Schwarzenegger dismissed the idea that Cheddar, whom she perceives as lacking sufficient education and qualifications, is fit to aspire to the presidency. In her opinion, the role of the president demands more than the skills needed to run a nightclub; it requires intellectual prowess and experience to effectively manage the affairs of a country.

During the live session monitored by GhanaWeb, Afia Schwarzenegger specifically highlighted Cheddar’s proficiency in the English language as a potential drawback to his presidential ambitions. She questioned his fluency, suggesting that it may not meet the standards expected of a national leader.

“Some Ghanaians like joking a lot. Do you think the presidency is like running a nightclub? If we want someone to salvage, is it Cheddar? Which English is he going to speak as president? His fluency is not even good enough,” remarked Afia Schwarzenegger.


She further pointed to an incident where Cheddar donated items to Mepe flood victims, highlighting what she perceived as a lack of strong English communication skills.

While addressing the rumors linking Cheddar to ‘The New Force’ agenda, Afia Schwarzenegger urged vigilance and cautioned against trivializing the presidency. She concluded by reserving her comments until an official declaration is made regarding Cheddar’s political aspirations.

As the speculation surrounding Cheddar’s involvement in ‘The New Force’ continues, Afia Schwarzenegger’s comments add a layer of scrutiny to the perceived qualifications and capabilities of potential presidential candidates. The debate remains ongoing, awaiting official confirmation or denial of Cheddar’s association with the political movement.