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Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Unconventional Path to Happiness: Life on the Farm with Whiskey and Lulu



Arnold Schwarzenegger with Whiskey and Lulu

In a world where opulence often seems synonymous with happiness, Arnold Schwarzenegger, with his $400 million fortune, takes a refreshingly different approach. The action star turned politician has chosen a low-key life on his farm, where he finds joy and contentment in the simple pleasures of tending to his donkey and horse, Whiskey and Lulu.

A Humble Beginning to the Day:

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s day kicks off early, around 5:45 or 6 a.m., as he embraces the role of a farmer on his serene property. His first order of business? Attending to his “complaining animals,” which, as he humorously shares, have the potential to create a ruckus that could disturb the entire neighborhood if not fed promptly.

Therapeutic Farmer’s Chores


Despite his legendary status, Schwarzenegger finds therapeutic value in what some might consider mundane “farmer’s chores.” Tending to the needs of Whiskey and Lulu has become a source of joy and relaxation for the star. The routine not only keeps the animals happy but also provides Arnold with a unique form of daily exercise and connection with nature.

Whiskey and Lulu: More Than Just Pets

Whiskey, the miniature horse, and Lulu, the donkey, hold a special place in Arnold’s heart. They are not confined to the barn or the pasture; instead, they are welcomed into his home. In the kitchen, Arnold indulges his four-legged companions with oatmeal cookies, blurring the lines between pet and family.

Arnold Schwarzenegger with Whiskey and Lulu

Arnold Schwarzenegger with Whiskey and Lulu

Arnold’s Humble Grocery Store Appearances

Contrary to the high-profile lifestyles of many celebrities, Arnold Schwarzenegger is occasionally spotted in regular grocery stores, blending in with the crowd as he makes everyday purchases. This down-to-earth approach to daily life showcases his commitment to maintaining a connection with the real world and the people in it.

Cherishing a Humble Life as a Grandfather


In addition to his unconventional farm life, Arnold Schwarzenegger has embraced the role of a doting grandfather to two granddaughters. This phase of life seems to bring him immense joy, further reinforcing the idea that true happiness transcends wealth and fame.

Money Can’t Buy the Joy of a Simple Life

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s choice to live on a farm, surrounded by the company of his beloved animals and the simplicity of rural life, serves as a powerful reminder that money cannot buy true happiness. For him, happiness lies in the laughter of Whiskey and Lulu, the routine of daily chores, and the fulfillment found in the unassuming moments of a humble life.

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