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VACANCY: Net Revenue Management Manager position at Guinness Ghana



Net Revenue Management Manager position at Guinness

Net Revenue Management Manager position at Guinness Ghana

For Diageo to achieve its ambitious growth and profitability agenda across the world, markets need to transform the way they develop, plan and execute their commercial plans. There is a particular focus required on customer planning, customer performance management, and revenue management to increase our current performance by delivering a sustainable balance of volume and price/mix growth that drives value for Diageo, our customers, and their customers.

This role will elevate the importance of “customer”, and customer plans, to the same level as “brand” and brand plans, have today.  Additionally, it will embed a holistic Net Revenue Management (NRM) approach within our company processes.

Our approach to NRM at Diageo aims to ensure we plan, execute and track to deliver a sustainable balance of volume, price, and mix:

  • Our products are optimally priced by channel & customer to drive revenue and shopper behavior goals

  • Our pack & format architecture is structured to meet key consumption occasions and shopping missions across all channels; pricing & promo mechanics between pack types maximizes revenue and shopping behavior goals

  • We are making choices about which parts of our portfolio to drive in which channels/customers to win profitable share (through distribution, assortment, and promotion investment decisions)

  • Our trade spend investment is effective and efficient to drive desired shopping behavior goals and maximize revenue for Diageo and its customers

  • Our trade terms structure supports our commercial strategy; we are making trade investment level choices based on this strategy

Role Purpose

  • Partner with local senior stakeholders to embed NRM ways of thinking and processes into the local market Planning and Business Performance Management routines, grounded in an analytical approach

  • Act as a mini GM of a multi-functional team to develop and execute holistic business plans that drive a sustainable balance of volume and price mix growth using the outputs from NRM thinking and processes (including headline price, pack & format architecture, trade & portfolio mix, promo effectiveness and trade terms).

  • Understand and make decisions based on trade-offs between market share, volume, sales, price /mix and profit.

  • Maximize Program from a mix standpoint by holding DSM’s and Commercial Demand leads on account of what available credit of customers should purchase to maximize value.

  • Help drive joint value creation conversations with our Customers by grounding our thinking in driving value for Diageo, our Customers and their customers based on shopper insights

  • Partner with Global NRM to grow capabilities and share best practices

Top 3-5 Accountabilities

  • Develops and implements NRM Strategies, through partnering with other functions:

    • Deliver analytics-based NRM insights and align across functions (Brand, Finance, Customer Marketing, Consumer & Shopper Insights, Supply Chain, Sales, etc.) on key outputs and opportunities to exploit across the NRM levers.

    • Support the delivery of NRM workshops to share findings, gain input, and drive decision making

    • Support the creation of selling stories that position Diageo as an expert in this space

  • Overall performance management:

    • Understands the volume, price, and mix drivers of NSV growth, using VMPC tools

    • Understands drivers of Win With 6 NRM KPIs

    • Participates in performance management forums and makes recommendations to course-correct as needed

    • Partner with commercial planning/ finance/ marketing function to deliver robust AOP plans that will meet the price/mix targets

  • Market context:

    • Evaluate the overall alcohol market in terms of size and growth trends. Consider breakdown by category/ brand / price tier/ key competitors

    • Evaluate Diageo’s performance within the market – understand differences in profitability between key brands/ categories/ channels/ customers

    • Drives multi-lens market analyses (5Cs: context, consumer, customer, competition and climate) for pricing opportunity identification and impact estimation

    • Co-ordinate with Cat Dev/ Marketing/ Shopper insights to consolidate already existing information in this space

  • Headline price

    • Completes consumer price ladders and value chain analysis for priority SKUSs/ brands/ categories/ channels

    • Proposes pricing opportunities and develops pricing scenarios with Brand/Sales

    • Understands price elasticity by key SKUs & brands, and determines relevant price change recommendations

    • Estimates the impact on the Diageo P&L, customer/ distributor margins, and market share of pricing recommendations.

    • Monitors pricing execution (e.g., consolidate and create summary reports across accounts, channels, regions)

  • Trade and Portfolio Mix:

    • Delivers recommendations on the correct assortment & distribution of products to meet key shopping missions and to win profitable market share

    • Understands drivers of trade-up/premiumization/ different formats and impact on Diageo P&L and customer/ distributor P&L

  • Promotional effectiveness:

    • Understands current allocation of promotional investment – by brand/ category/ customer/ channel and by promo mechanic/ seasonality

    • Understands the strategic purpose of the promotion – e.g. improve ROI, drive trial/ penetration, or drive basket size.

    • Identifies promo opportunities based on M&E analysis

    • Consolidates all promotional recommendations into “golden rules” or promo guidelines for the channel/ market

    • Coaches account managers on turning insights into actions and promo effectiveness strategy execution

    • Provides (analytical) support to sales function in promotion decisions and calendar optimization

  • Trade Terms:

    • Understands where and how we invest our trade budget and its evolution over time.

    • Develops proposals to allocate trade investment across channels and customers based on customer segmentation, NSV size, and strategic importance

    • Identifies and prioritizes opportunities to align trade architecture to the global standard, increase true conditionality and compliance, and move to Joint business planning (JBP) where possible

Qualifications and Experience Required

  • Graduate degree in business or other disciplines that requires quantitative knowledge

  • Demonstrated professional and academic success (e.g., graduated top of the class; consistently received top evaluations at prior job)

  • 8-10 years of business experience, ideally some time spent in revenue management

  • Ideally with experience in marketing or sales

  • Understands the end-to-end value chain

  • Leadership skills – demonstrated significant initiative, tenacity, and leadership in prior job

  • Communication skills – able to interact with and persuade individuals at levels senior to him or her, as well as to actively participate in meetings and group discussions with individuals from various parts of the organization (e.g., sales, marketing, finance)

  • Analytical and strategic skills – must be able to synthesize marketing and commercial information to draw insights and actionable recommendations (e.g., structure the problem, collect data, identify issues, and present results)

  • Evidence of brilliant management of a P&L, demonstrable examples of balanced and effective investment decisions and market share growth, plus a history of in-flight Business Performance Management and course correction

Application Procedures: How To Apply

  1. Interested and qualified persons should visit the: Recruitment Portal.
  2. Then read through the job offer
  3. Afterward, click on the apply button
  4. Then fill the Recruitment form
  5. Then click on the submit button to submit

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General News

Sad! Nursing mother of a 6-month old baby on Okada crushed to death at Kasoa



Nursing mother of a 6-month old baby on Okada crushed to death at Kasoa

Nursing mother of a 6-month old baby on Okada crushed to death at Kasoa

Sad news coming from Kasapa FM reports that a nursing mother sitting at the back of okada (a motorbike) has been crushed to death at Kasoa Free town Junction on the Kasoa – Obom Road in the Awutu Senya East Municipality of the Central Region.

The deceased known as Magasuba Mariam was returning home after buying some foodstuff at the Kasoa New Market when the accident occurred on Friday afternoon.

According to eyewitnesses, Asana Iddrisu, the motorbike rider was speeding and rammed into a water tanker resulting in the nursing mother of a 6-month old baby dying on the spot.

Tanker vehicle

Tanker vehicle that the motorbike ran into

Both the okada rider and the Tanker driver have been arrested by Kasoa Divisional Police Command assisting in the investigation.

The body of Mariam has since been deposited at the Winneba Specialist and Trauma Hospital morgue for preservation.

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Oheneba Nkrabea the Rasta Student quits Achimota School; gains admission to GIS



Oheneba Nkrabea the Rasta Student

Oheneba Nkrabea the Rasta Student quits Achimota School; gains admission to GIS

It’s obvious that the woes of the famous rasta students in our educational history are not dead yet even after the High court ruled in their favor.

One of the students who challenged Achimota School and Ghana Education service, Oheneba Nkrabea has quitted Achimota School and has currently been enrolled at the prestigious Ghana International School (GIS) in Accra after they received threats that the Attorney General was going to appeal against the High Court’s ruling that went in their favor.

The news about Oheneba’s move has been kept under wraps as the legal challenge to overturn a high court ruling travels its full throttle.

Ghana International School (GIS) is one of Ghana’s leading international schools providing world-class holistic education to children between the ages of 3 years and 18 years.

Meanwhile, the Lawyer for Rastafarian student, Oheneba Kwaku Nkrabea, Ras Wayoe Ghanamannti, has described as unfortunate the Attorney General’s appeal against the High Court’s ruling in the Rasta kids case.

Speaking on GHOne TV Tuesday, the lead Counsel argued that the flagrant disrespect of the interest of these kids which is paramount per the principles of the law is problematic.

He fears the children would be affected psychologically as the case has been advanced further at the Appeals court.

“The psychological trauma, the instability, the emotional stress, and those ambits of it is what is worrying us because these are children, these are young guys, and they’ve started going to school so at the end of the day any such decision will traumatize them. And we think that this is what the AG should have considered. Because if you look at our law – the Children’s Act, Section 2, on the very first principle, it’s clear that in everything that we seek to do the interest of the Child is paramount and even court of law and all other agents of security and all other persons would respect that principle that the interest of a child is paramount.

“So we thought that considering this case and their interest in respect of education, the AG would have allowed this to pass and if there is any future advancing of the rules Achimota is using holistically to preserve and protect minority rights like these rights of the Rastas we are talking about it would be looked at but to bring this appeal on and to pile up pressure and emotional stress on the children is unfortunate.”

The Achimota School board and the Attorney-General’s Department have filed an appeal to challenge the Human Rights High Court’s order for the school to admit the two dreadlock-wearing students.

The Achimota School per the appeal said, the court among other things erred by indicating that the rules and regulations of Achimota School with regard to ensuring uniformity in appearance is unlawful and interferes with the manifestation of one’s religious rights.

The school board has therefore filed the appeal to have the entire judgment set aside and the plaintiff ordered to comply with the school’s regulations if he (Tyrone Marhguy) chooses to be a student of the school.

The AG’s office has also filed an appeal on the case, asking the court to uphold Achimota School’s arguments and rule in favor of the school.

The notice of appeal said the judge who adjudicated that matter and gave victory to the two boys failed to get the plaintiffs to provide evidence of their claims.

The AG’s office also said the judge erred in claiming that Achimota School had interfered with the right to the education of the boys.

“The learned Judge erred when she held that the regulation of the 1st Respondent requiring that students keep their hair low amounted to an illegal and unconstitutional attempt to suspend the manifestation of the Applicant’s guaranteed freedom to practice and manifest his religion…”

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African News

ECOWAS Chairman Nana Akufo-Addo meets Mamady Doumbouya in Guinea



Akufo-Addo meets Mamady Doumbouya

ECOWAS Chairman Nana Akufo-Addo meets Mamady Doumbouya in Guinea

His Excellency President Nana Addo Dankwah Akufo-Addo who doubles as the President of the Republic of Ghana and the Chairperson of Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) is in the capital of Guinea, Conakry to have talks with the military junta that has overthrown President Alpha Condé’s government. President Akufo-Addo and his entourage were welcomed by the Guinean Military leadership led by Mamady Doumbouya.

The meeting is centered on how the military junta can help restore the democratic sanity in the Republic of Guinea and also negotiate on releasing the captured President Alpha Condé.

Before this meeting, the leadership of the West African Regional bloc on 16th September 2021 had an emergency meeting in Accra, Ghana, and deliberated on the two coups that have taken place in Mali and Guinea.

The Regional block resorted to sanctioning Guinea. All the heads of state in the bloc decided to freeze the financial assets and impose travel bans on Guinea’s junta members and their relatives, insisting on the release of President Alpha Condé and a short transition.

In a previous virtual meeting led by the head of ECOWAS, President Akufo-Addo reaffirmed ECOWAS’ objection to any unconstitutional political change.

“ECOWAS demands respect for the physical safety of the President of the Republic, Professor Alpha Condé”. We ask the Guinean defense and security forces to remain in a constitutional posture and express our solidarity with the Guinean people and their government,” it added.

Photos of the ECOWAS head's visit to Guinea, Conakry.

President Akufo-Addo introducing his entourage to Mamady Doumbouya


Photos of the ECOWAS head's visit to Guinea, Conakry.

President Akufo-Addo [L] and Mamady Doumbouya [R]

Photos of the ECOWAS head's visit to Guinea, Conakry.

Mamady Doumbouya [R] leading President Akufo-Addo [L] to the meeting venue

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