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Akufo-Addo is treating Ashantis like “pets” – Muntaka claims


Member of Parliament (MP) for the Asawase Constituency, Mohammed Mubarak Muntaka has likened the relationship between the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) and the people of the Ashanti region as one of a poultryman and his birds, MyNewsGh.com reports.

According to him, the party and government, led by President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo are busily undertaking infrastructural projects in other parts of the country at the expense of the Ashanti region where they get their largest number of votes from at every election.

“He is treating the Ashantis like poultry birds who are secured under lock and key after routine headcount by the poultryman; when he is assured the birds are up to number, he locks them in the cage, puts the keys in his pocket and goes looking for other birds”, he said in an interview on Kumasi-based Angel FM monitored by MyNewsGh.com on Friday.

The Minority Chief Whip said that, to the NPP, the people of the Ashanti region are only good for their votes and nothing else, lamenting the level of stunted growth the region has experienced since their beloved party took power since 2017.

The MP who boasts the completion of up to 80% of the road network in his constituency lambasted his colleagues in the NPP who are either ministers or deputy ministers in the current administration for not uniting to lobby for projects to the Ashanti region.

“The Minister for Parliamentary Affairs, the Minister for Education, the Minister for Monitoring and Evaluation, the Deputy Minister for Environment and the Deputy Minister for Works and Housing are all from Kumasi, but if we can’t unite and fight for something good for the city, what name shall we leave behind if we are no longer in Parliament”, he pointed out.

He advised the ruling party to concentrate on appeasing the Ashanti region where it gets its largest number of votes with massive developmental projects and stop the wild goose chase for votes from other regions, knowing that those from the Ashanti region are secured.

Mohammed Mubarak Muntaka is the only opposition MP among the eleven (11) in the Greater Kumasi Area and one of only three (3) in the whole of the Ashanti region.


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