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Because of Akufo-Addo, Ghana now has Ekumfi pineapple juice factory



Because of Akufo-Addo, Ghana now has Ekumfi pineapple juice factory

Ekumfi pineapple juice factory: Nana Addo led party, NPP, prior to the 2016 elections made a promise to revitalize the country’s industrial status by spreading medium to large agro-based factories in any district that has the necessary raw material supply base through a partnership with the private sector.

The party in its 2016 manifesto on page 31 promised to “collaborate with the private sector, to implement the “One District, One Factory” Initiative. This District Industrialization Programme will ensure an even, spatial spread of industries”.

The One District One Factory initiative has been one of the most discussed promised policy of the NPP government in the media among political divides.

The party in assuming power in January 2017 created a special office dedicated to the take-off of this buoyant initiative in the country. Currently, several of these factories have been completed with some still at the various stages of completion.


According to the trade minister in a press encounter, he expressed that the project ever since it was launched has received numerous proposals from the various private entrepreneurs and the government has approved most of them with several others still being vetted.

This brilliant initiative has given birth to the famous Ekumfi Pineapple Juice Factory, which is currently processing pineapple juice for the local and the global markets.

The USD8 million project which officially commenced in March 2018 and currently with over 400 workers including out-growers is located at Ekumfi in the Central region of Ghana.

According to Alliance for Development and Industrialisation (ADI), the factory could process about 300 million packs of juice annually for the local and export markets and would generate close to GHC530 million in revenue.


Their checks also revealed that checks revealed that the factory would create 5,000 direct out-grower jobs within the community and its environs.

Ekumfi Pineapple Juice packs

We all as citizens should come together and protect this and all others so our unborn children will also come and enjoy it.

Source: Ghana Newspunch

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