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BREAKING: Bodies of two drowned policemen found in Oda River



Bodies of two drowned policemen found in Oda River

Bodies of two drowned policemen found in Oda River: The bodies of the two policemen who got drowned in the Oda River at Kobro near Jacobu in the Amansie Central District of the Ashanti region on Wednesday evening have been retrieved.

A search party drawn from the villages along the banks of the river returned this morning with the bodies of the deceased tied to the canoe and dragged through the waters.

They were still in their police uniforms when they were discovered; their police duty rifles were however not found.

Bodies of two drowned policemen

Bodies of the two drowned policemen

Their decomposing bodies have been deposited at the Seventh Day Morgue at Obuasi as police open investigations into the matter.

Contrary to an earlier report by that the two policemen who drowned in the Oda River at Kobro near Jacobu in the Amansie Central District of the Ashanti region had unsuccessfully chased after armed robbers, townsfolk have said they had actually gone to extort illegal miners who have anchored chang fang dredging machines on the river mining gold.

The two, Lance Corporal Stephen Kyeremeh and Amedius Akwesi Boateng were part of a group of four policemen from the Obuasi District Police Command who had allegedly stormed the Apamprama Forest Reserve to chase after some armed robbers upon a distress call that some small scale miners had been attacked at Kobro.



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Takoradi pregnant woman: I’ve been wearing belly silicon all this while to deceive my husband



Takoradi pregnant woman - Josephine

Takoradi pregnant woman: I’ve been wearing belly silicon all this while to deceive my husband

Information from Empire FM in Takoradi monitored by indicates that the alleged ‘kidnapped victim has confessed to the police that she had been wearing the silicon for nine months and pretended to be pregnant.

She also lied to the husband that she had been visiting the hospital for anti-natal care.

It is strange how the husband was unable to see traces of the pregnancy silicon in their matrimonial room but it is understandable to the extent that the lady prevented him from having affair with her after the pregnancy advanced. We can only wait for the laws of the country to take deal with the case accordingly.

She told the police about how she planned everything. In the movies, women are seen wearing silicon to entice their viewers into believing that they are pregnant. They come in different colours that match the skin and it is very difficult to detect them from real pregnancy, this is exactly how Josephine Mensah Panyin Simons planned her pregnancy.

Josephine Mensah Panyin Simons has been wearing pregnancy belly silicon for the past nine months to deceive the husband and other neighbours that she was pregnant.

Physically anyone sees her pregnant with a maternity attire, she apparently had different sizes of silicon and at every point in time, she changes to suit the age of the pregnancy.

She also mastered how pregnant ladies walk and anytime she is in the public domain, she wins sympathy for being pregnant. People who touched her pregnancy felt it was real because the pregnancy belly silicon was communicating the same.

It would have been very difficult for anyone to have believed that she was wearing pregnancy silicon because she acts and behave just like a pregnant woman.


FROM: Skypower FM/Takoradi/23/09/2021


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19-year old robber jailed 21 years after slashing a woman’s face with machete



19-year old robber jailed 21 years after slashing a woman's face

19-year old robber jailed 21 years after slashing a woman’s face with machete

19-year old robber jailed 21 years: The Cape Coast Circuit Court presided over by Her Honour Mrs Dorinda Smith Arthur has sentenced a 19-year-old young man to 20 years imprisonment.

The convict, Emmanuel Addae popularly known as Kofi Yesu, burst into tears after hearing his jail sentence.

Kofi Yesu had been terrorising the lives of the people of Assin Fosu until he was nabbed in May 2021 and arraigned in court for robbing a female victim and inflicting cutlass wounds on her face.

The prosecuting officer, Chief Inspector Gilbert Ayongo speaking, in an interview with Rainbow Radio’s Oheneba Ambrose, said the convict, Kofi Yesu used weapons such as a machete and other offensive weapons to attack unsuspecting victims.

On May 21, the convict robbed a 21-year-old woman, Irene Agyapong. He slashed her face and her nose and upper lips with a machete. The victim had some of her teeth removed following the incident.

He then made away with her belongings which included mobile phones, money etc. The incident happened around 7 pm after the lady had closed from work.

Chief Inspector Gilbert Ayongo said the sentencing would serve this is as a deterrent to other young men who engage in criminal activities.


Source: Rainbow Radio

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CID boss leads investigations into the death of Lance Corporal Sarah Adjei



The Ghana Police Service has dispatched the director general of the Criminal Investigation Department (CID), COP Ken Yeboah, to lead its technical team to find out the reason for the death of Lance Corporal Sarah Adjei, a policewoman.

In a statement issued on Sunday 8 August and signed by the acting director general of public affairs of the Police Service, ACP Kwesi Ofori, the Service, further to a press release issued by the Eastern Regional Police Command, affirms that “two suspects, namely Timothy Dampare (50), a lotto agent, and Richard Nimo (30), the manager of Misiho Hotel, have been arrested in connection with the death of Policewoman Lance Corporal Sarah Adjei at Nkawkaw in the Eastern Region”.

The statement adds: “The director general in charge of the Criminal Investigation Department, COP Mr Ken Yeboah, is leading a technical team made up of crime scene managers and the Homicide Unit to unravel the death of the policewoman.”

Preliminary findings

According to the police, “Preliminary investigations established the following sequence of events: The lance corporal, Sarah Adjei, left home, leaving the boyfriend, Timothy Dampare, under lock at her apartment at Nkawkaw on Saturday, 7th August, 2021”.

“The deceased alone then drove a car, a Hyundai Elantra with registration number GE 331-19, belonging to Timothy Dampare, to Misiho Hotel near Nkawkaw at around 12:00 pm for a short stay. At around 7:00 pm the same day, the hotel manager, Richard Nimo, decided to check on the deceased when he noticed there was no activity in the room. On entering the room, he found the deceased lying on the floor.”

The hotel manager, ACP Kwesi Ofori further states, “then reported the incident to the police, who, on arrival, identified the deceased as a staff of the Nkawkaw Divisional Police Command. The police team then visited the home of the deceased and noticed the apartment has been locked with Timothy Dampare in it.

“Two notes were found during police investigations. One was found at the scene of the alleged murder and the other on the balcony of the house of the deceased. The note reads, ‘Dear Mr Timothy Dampare, I told you I owe people money and you decided to help me and you have been with me in my house for one week now and you refused to help me so if anything happen, you have cause it [sic],’” the police statement said.

“The police called the deceased’s mobile number and an unknown male voice answered and informed the police that the deceased owes him an amount of twenty-eight thousand Ghana cedis (GH¢28,000.00), hence the seizure of the Hyundai Elantra vehicle.”

Police assurance

The statement by the director general in charge of public affairs of the Police Service ends with the assurance: “The police are doing everything possible to track the whereabouts of the Hyundai Elantra vehicle used by the deceased and her mobile phone and apprehend the suspect.

”The police are also appealing to members of the public to provide vital information that might help to unravel the mystery surrounding the death of the policewoman.”



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