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‘S3x-starved’ Catholic Bishops are senseless- Mahama’s boy Kevin Taylor rains insults on Catholic Bishops


Journalist and social commentator Kevin Ekow Baidoo Taylor has descended on the Catholic Bishops Conference over their threat to campaign against parties that fail to sign the vigilante pact, aimed at ensuring a peaceful 2020 elections.

In an impassioned video sighted by MyNewsGh.com, the fearless and outspoken journalist attributed their threat to a lack of sex intercourse on their part

“And I heard that the Catholic Bishops say that if the NDC or the opposition does not sign whatever, they will campaign against them.   You people are already politicians. You are speaking like you people you are lacking too much sex. Catholic bishops in Ghana, you people, you are speaking like you’ve got some menopause or something,” he said.

He also accused them of hypocrisy of sorts since they seem to ignore that shortcomings of the President and his party.

“Were you people not in this country when in Ayawaso, people were brutalised, people were killed and then a commission was set and the President at the end of the day threw out the report and did his own thing? Where were you people? Were you people taking bribes? Or were you people taking collections?

You people are acting like you lack too much sex so something is not right somewhere! I keep saying on my show: “no one has seen God before; you cannot tell me you are better than me in front of God.” The only way I will respect you is when you do the right thing and you act in the right way,” he declared.

The Catholic Bishops Conference had threatened to campaign against political parties that did not show commitment to ending politically-related violence.

Its General Secretary, Very Reverend Lazarus Anondee, issued the threat a week ago after the National Democratic Congress (NDC) had refused to sign the final roadmap to ending political vigilantism in the country.

The executives of the NDC has explained that they failed to sign because deliberations on the pact was not over because of outstanding issues. Hence appending their signature would have been premature.

However, the Bishops Conference saw a lack of commitment to the process of ending political violence hence the threat.

But for Mr Ekow Baidoo Taylor, the Bishops are misdirecting their anger since implementation of the Emile Short Commission Report would be a better solution to political violence.

“Catholic Bishops! Today you can campaign? How are you going to campaign? You people?

This is a funny country. You want the people to sign this anti-vigilante bill, it is easy: tell the President to implement everything that was in the Emile Short Commission Report, whatever they presented to the President. Why are you people not directing your anger to the President? And telling him: ” Mr President you’re the person who is causing this problem because you set up a commission to investigate the whole thing.

We saw how…that’s where we realised that Double was a criminal, who was picked from the streets to be a national security officer; that’s where we got to know police officers were planted to shoot Ghanaians. Why don’t you push your energy there to force the President to do the right thing? You people are saying that if the opposition doesn’t sign… you people are going the opposition more room.

You call yourselves bishops? God gave us wisdom to think. And I don’t think you people are thinking!” he lashed out.


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