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Efia Odo falls in ‘love’ with Akufo-Addo for the free water offered to Ghanaians for the next 3 months


Efia Odo falls in ‘love’ with Akufo-Addo for free water for the next three months

Ghanaian vide vixen cum actress, Efia Odo has taken to social media to applaud Nana Addo‘s government for choosing to absorb the water bills of Ghanaians for three months.

Efia Odo has been an advocate for a constant supply of electricity and water since the outbreak of coronavirus preempted a partial lockdown to help curb the situation.

Well, alas! the video vixen’s prayers came to pass yesterday following the president of Ghana’s fifth address to the nation where he confirmed the gov’t of the day’s decision to absorb water bills and ensure a constant supply of electricity.

Efia took to twitter to react to the President’s bold and kind move. Initially, Efia had posited on social media that she was never going to vote for any political party, but yesterday something changed.

She revealed she now has a reason to vote for someone, and that someone we definitely know is Nana Addo.

“Free water no disconnection of light. Keep this up and I might just vote. Now let’s get better healthcare and we’re on a roll baby”. She Tweeted.


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