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Ernest Chemists Limited – Products, Contact Address, Phone numbers



Ernest Chemists Limited – Products, Contact Address, Phone numbers

Ernest Chemists Limited (ECL) is the biggest pharmaceutical company in Ghana, driven by our mission to provide a full range of quality pharmaceutical products at affordable prices. With over 30 years of experience in the Pharmaceutical Industry, Ernest Chemists Limited remains a true symbol of stability and diversity.

ECL is a wholly-owned Ghanaian company, founded by Mr. Ernest Bediako Sampong, a pharmacist by profession, in the year 1986. ECL has made giant strides since its commencement and has grown from a single retail outlet into a thriving business entity with our own office complex, retail & wholesale shops, warehouse facilities and manufacturing plants.

Mr. Ernest Bediako Sampong, owner of Ernest Chemists Ltd.

Mr. Ernest Bediako Sampong, owner of Ernest Chemists Ltd.


We have deep insight, knowledge and experience in the pharmaceutical industry and this enables us to continue to provide quality and affordable pharmaceutical products to meet the health needs for everyone in the society. We have been able to consolidate our position as the biggest distributor of pharmaceutical products with a wide distribution network across Ghana and beyond. We have the largest retail chain, with an ultra-modern pharmacy setup, to bring products closer to customers, coupled with exceptional customer service.

Aside the manufacturing of quality and affordable medicine, we also have the biggest Agency representation for Multinational Pharmaceutical and consumer brands which enables us to offer the widest range of pharmaceutical and consumer products in Ghana.



Ernest Chemists Limited (ECL) started business in 1986 as a sole proprietorship and became a limited liability in 1993. Ernest Chemists Limited is made up of 3 main divisions- Manufacturing, Retailing & Distribution and Exports. Due to its diversity, ECL makes quality and affordable medicine accessible to everyone.

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ECL goes beyond the offering of quality and affordable medicine to offer quality customer service. All ECL staff are trained to put the needs of the customer first with the view of exceeding the expectations of customers. Ernest Chemists Limited has a staff strength of over 700, with 48% in the manufacturing division and the remaining in the other divisions.


Drug Products of Ernest Chemists Limited

  • Alka 5
  • Amiclox Suspension 100ml Image
  • Amiclox
  • Ascovit-Cee (Vitamin C) Tab. Image
  • Ascovit Cee
  • Asmanol Image
  • Asmanol
  • Auntie Mary’s Gripe Water Image
  • Auntie Mary’s Baby Gripe Mixture
  • Placeholder
  • Baby Cough Linctus
  • Bendrofluazide Tab. 5mg Image
  • Bendrofluazide
  • Buscomed Tablet 10mg Image
  • Buscomed
  • C-Pheniramine Syrup 125ml Image
  • C Pheniramine
  • Ciflox-T Image
  • Ciflox T
  • De Wome 500mg Image
  • De Wome
  • Diclofen Tab. 50mg (500) Image
  • Diclofen
  • Diclofen-Forte Tablets Image
  • Diclofen-Forte
  • Dolopaine Suspension Junior Image
  • Dolopaine
  • Doxycycline Cap. 100mg (200) Image
  • Doxycycline
  • E-Panol Image
  • E-Panol
  • ECL Antacid Mixture Image
  • ECL Antacid Mixture
  • Placeholder
  • ECL Baby Teething Mixture
  • Enacef 500 Tablet Image
  • Enacef
  • Placeholder
  • Enacin C
  • Enafen Tab. 400mg (500) Image
  • Enafen
  • Enafix Susp. 100ml Image
  • Enafix
  • Enamycin Susp. 100ml Image
  • Enamycin
  • Enaphage Image
  • Enaphage
  • Enoral Tab. 200mg (100) Image
  • Enoral
  • Envico Syrup Image
  • Envico
  • Fluxamox Syrup Image
  • Fluxamox
  • Gastrone Suspension Image
  • Gastrone
  • Glibenil Tablets Image
  • Glibenil
  • Placeholder
  • Gliclazide
  • Glucolife – C & D Image
  • Glucolife – C & D
  • Histazine Syrup Image
  • Histazine
  • Hydrolyte Image
  • Hydrolyte
  • Placeholder
  • Ibupar
  • Kalamina Lotion 200ml Image
  • Kalamina
  • Kidivite Drops Image
  • Kidivite
  • Lavinac Cap. 75mg (100)
  • Lavinac
  • Placeholder
  • Livertone
  • Placeholder
  • Lorazepam
  • Malar 2 Tablet Image
  • Malar 2
  • Metagyl Susp. 100ml Image
  • Metagyl
  • Placeholder
  • Metro Z
  • Mycovin Tablets Image
  • Mycovin
  • Neflucon Capsule Image
  • Neflucon
  • Nesben Albendazole 200mg Image
  • Nesben
  • Nesterix Forte Image
  • Nesterix Forte
  • Nestrim Susp. 100ml Image
  • Nestrim
  • Nexcofer Blood Tonic 200ml Image
  • Nexcofer
  • No.10 Liver Salt – Orange Image
  • No.10 Liver Salt
  • Nodium Capsules (100) Image
  • Nodium
  • Omexet 20 Image
  • Omexet
  • Omezole Capsules Image
  • Omezole
  • Oxafen Cap. 20mg Image
  • Oxafen
  • Permoxyl Susp. 100ml
  • Permoxyl
  • Proman Capsules Image
  • Proman
  • Promethazine Syrup 60ml Image
  • Promethazine
  • Prowoman Image
  • Prowoman
  • Salbutalin Syrup Image
  • Salbutalin
  • Septol Image
  • Septol
  • Stopkof Adult Syrup Image
  • Stopkof
  • Stopkof Cold & Catarrh Syrup Image
  • Stopkof Cold and Catarrh
  • T Tetracin Cap. 250mg Image
  • T-Tetracin
  • Tobtabs Tablet Image
  • Tobtabs
  • Tramadol Image
  • Placeholder
  • Travomine
  • Zymax 250 Capsules Image
  • Zymax

Contact Address, Phone numbers


Head Office

  • Ring Road Central, Near Circle Overhead, Accra Ghana


Postal Address

  • P.O.Box 3345, Accra, Ghana


Email Address


Phone Numbers

  • +233-(0)-302-257-141
  • +233-(0)-302-257-140
  • +233-(0)-302-257-142
  • +233-(0)-302-257-144



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Or email us via [email protected].

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