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Fans ridicule Tracey Boakye for her poor and ‘Village-like Dressing’ – Photos


Fans ridicule Tracey Boakye for her poor and ‘Village-like Dressing’.

Fans ridicule Tracey Boakye for her poor and ‘Village-like Dressing’; Actress Tracey Boakye is once again the target of social media trolls after appearing in town clad in a horrible outfit from head to toe.

Tracey attended last night Adonko Next Level Energy Drink launch.

Tracey’s dressing has put her at the mercy of online trolls who are having a field day with her.

Every aspect of her dressing is being criticized right from her hair to her clothes and even her choice of bra.

Tracy is wearing a black dress with a see-through bust section, yet her bra is white, making everyone see it underneath her cloth.

Her legs appear huge for her slippers as part of her toes almost touched the ground!

Her hair is also being criticized as cheap, with one follower claiming it cost only Ghc 1.50pesewas!

Tracey has been roasted many times for her very poor and village-like sense of fashion. Several weeks back, her dressing to a donation exercise received a similar level of ridicule.

Tracey’s response to her critics is that she’s rich and can buy whatever clothes she wants but she just doesn’t care about dressing.

She would rather spend money on wine and building houses than to spend on clothes.

see pictures below;



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I’m not a stylist but I wanna ask the stylist here …..plsss was de white bra necessary in de dress??? ????????????❤☺️

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