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God Made Us Lose 2016 Election For Ghanaians To See Nana Addo’s Incompetence – Mahama



Former President John Mahama says the electoral defeat of the National Democratic Congress [NDC] in the 2016 general elections was made so by God, for Ghanaians to appreciate the good works of the party during his tenure.

Addressing party supporters at Tamale during a unity walk organised the Tamale NDC constituency, Former President Mahama said if they had not been sent into opposition, Ghanaians would not have been able to see how incapable President Akufo-Addo was, in managing the affairs of the country.

He said now every Ghanaian is seeing the incapable nature of the NPP administration.

“If God had not let us step aside Ghanaians will not appreciate whatever we had done.”



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