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Goil, Shell and Frimps Oil caught cheating their customers with less fuel – GSA


GOIL Company, Shell, and Frimps Oil have been named as oil marketing companies involved in cheating within the Greater Accra Region.

The revelation was made by the Ghana Standards Authority (GSA) after its latest periodic checks. The GSA’s survey report noted that the three companies were perpetrating massive cheating at some of their fuel stations.

The GSA inspected 65 fuel stations in the Greater Accra Region and sampled 290 nozzles or outlets.

The survey report showed that 10 out of the 65 fuel stations visited have adjusted their pumps to serve their customers less than what they have paid for.

The survey also added that 51 nozzles out of the 290 outlets inspected have deliberately been tampered with to the disadvantage of customers.

The report stated that for example, Frimps Oil has adjusted all the eight of their nozzles or pumps inspected at Tettegu Junction and Spintex road, while the motorway extension of Shell has three out of their four pumps inspected adjusted to the disadvantage of their customers.

GOIL was also caught in the web of OMCs cheating their customers. GOIL station at both Mile 11 in Accra and Kasoa Galilea have adjusted some 13 pumps combined to the disadvantage of their loyal customers.

About 75 OMCs were recently sanctioned by the GSA for engaging in various infractions detrimental to the interest of consumers.

All the affected OMCs are in the Greater Accra Region. They were fined a total of GH¢261,000 for serving customers with lower volumes of fuel, using non-approved GSA seals and breaking the seals meant to stop cheating at the pumps.


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