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Good news about Coronavirus; it’s not as you’ve been told


Despite how much people are rattling on the news of Coronavirus (COVI-19) it’s surprising that there are a lot of positive news that the media is not letting you hear because it doesn’t suit their intent.

  • China has closed down its last coronavirus hospital. Not enough new cases to support them.

  • Over 60,000 persons have recovered from the Virus in China alone

Italy is hit hard, experts say, because they have the oldest population in Europe (average age of those that have died is 81).

Italy also reports that a 97-year-old man recovered after 8 days in the hospital

Italy was also hit hard because they have roughly 100,000 workers from Wuhan who work in shoe factories. At least some of them could have gone back and forth

The virus is already becoming manageable, like the flu, in China but to say so doesn’t fit the media agenda, so expect more fear to come your way before the truth surfaces.

I know you may hate how calm and rational I’ve been due to the media lies but… I really think we might survive this thing guys.

  • 85 million perished in WW2

  • 50 million perished from Spanish flu

The death toll predictions I’m seeing are irresponsible

Let’s stop the panic, this is not as serious as they want us to believe.


Source: Guest Blogger (Opera)



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