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I nearly died listening to ‘slim’ friends – PM shares sad story about weight loss


PM, the winner of popular dance competition Di Asa, has recounted how she almost lost her life over a weight loss course.

PM, known in real as Precious Mensah revealed that she nearly died after she started a course to lose weight.

According to the plus-size celeb, many people, especially friends, kept talking about her huge body size and it got her worried.


“I accepted (drug) because my friends always left me behind when going to ‘chill’, at that time I was so eager to lose weight so when he brought up the opinion I said yes,” she revealed in an interview with Ghanaweb.com.

Therefore in a bid to listen and please them, she started taking pills to shed weight.

Unknown to her, the process of taking the pills was going to have untold negative effects on her. Some parts of her body including her heart, lungs started experiencing damage.

Unfortunately, anytime I take this drug, I feel pains in my heart. If I take it, I don’t feel okay but if I don’t take it, I feel okay… I took the drug and threw it into the bin,” PM said.

She therefore said she could not kill herself just to please friends and indicated that she stopped allowing their words about her figure to get to her.


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