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In Less Than 4 Years In Opposition See How Your Leadership is ‘Bleeding’ – Freddie Blay mocks NDC


In Less Than 4 Years In Opposition See How Your Leadership is ‘Bleeding’ – Freddie Blay mocks NDC

In Less Than 4 Years In Opposition See How Your Leadership is ‘Bleeding’: The National Chairman of the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP) Freddie Blay has taken a swipe at the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) for the party’s persistent attacks on the Electoral Commission (EC) over the compilation of a new voters register.

He has also chastised the party for threatening mayhem ahead of the exercise which is scheduled to commence in late June and end in July this year.

Mr. Blay sees the attacks on the EC as needless and an attempt to subject the Commission to the NDC’s control, which he describes as “unconstitutional and totally misguided”.

The NDC has not had the EC in their good books since the Commission disclosed its intention to create a new electoral roll.

The party has staged many forms of opposition to the idea including demonstrations and press conferences.

But the National Chairman of the NPP in a statement has described the opposition party’s debate as not only unproductive but also hypocritical and an indication that they have been mentally affected by their stay in opposition.

“The opposition’s attempt to keep shifting the opposing goalpost from the cost of procuring a new voter register to the cost of lives for going through a progressive electoral process, clearly demonstrates their inconsistencies and hypocrisy. Those vehemently opposing to the compilation of a new voters’ register, weaving their arguments around the potential exponential COVID deaths and infections are in pursuit of their parochial and self-serving interests.

“They seem to forget that the December 7 elections would not be any different, because Ghanaians would be expected to queue in lines to cast their votes and also witness the votes counted and recorded as prescribed in the 1992 constitution,” he said.

“The efforts by Nay Sayers and warmongers just like Major Boakye-Djan, Asiedu Nketia, and Elvis Ankrah to suppress the citizenry with fear is to say the least, wicked, opportunistic and unfortunate. They appear to have embarked on a very long sleep similar to that of Rip Van Winkle and have missed out on Ghana’s progress since the revolutionary days.

“There is absolutely no need giving value to the currency of their arguments that Ghana cannot compile a new register due to COVID 19, because it is as bad as an opinion that suggests we cannot hold an election this year, and for that matter it is sterile. Ghanaians can see how being in opposition for less than four years is already taking a frustrating toll on the psychological health of the opposition NDC leadership, triggering irresponsible utterances,” he noted.

Instead of engaging in such debates, Mr. Blay has admonished political parties and civil society groups to rather begin discussions on how the safety of Ghanaians can be secured at the various voter registration centres.

“Therefore, the CSO Alliance and Inter-Party Resistance Against the New Voters’ Register should spare Ghanaians the provocative and empty threats of chaos, confusion, bloodshed and death in the name of protecting the constitution. In any case, all Ghanaians must strive to protect the constitution of Ghana, though I doubt the credentials of the NDC in doing so, especially when they tout themselves as owning the monopoly of violence. However, the plant of democracy is watered with the blood of martyrs, so if any of them so desire to be one of such as a result of our progressive democracy, so be it!” he added.


–: ABCNews


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