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Introducing 100 and 200 Cedi notes waste of time – A Plus fires government


A Plus has fired the ruling government for introducing 100- and 200-cedi notes say it completely waste of taxpayers’ money and time.

His lambasting came on the back of government’s readiness to accept a single currency for all ECOWAS countries, he questioned why the ruling party saw the need to introduce new currencies into the system if they knew they would eventually drop it for the ECO.

According to him he was more impressed by the fact that the government took the decision particularly after they have pledged to improve the lives of Ghanaians.

“Government says by 2020, we will be using the ECO currency. 8 countries will be using that currency. You knew you would eventually agree to this but you went to print 100 and 200 cedis, burdening the country’s economy and yet they are able to say ‘there is no money in the system when you know it is very expensive to print money.”

A Plus lamented over citizenry who devote their to vote and making politicians of who they are today but do not benefit anything due to the inconsiderate attitude of politicians.

“They are the reason people say there is no God, does it make any sense? You say there is no money in the system and yet see what you do. A pregnant woman will stand in a queue to vote for you and after you think of getting bullet-proof curtains for parliament, if this is not wickedness, what is it?
…they are not thinking about the next generation, they are only thinking about how they can win the elections and people must rise up against this.”

The solution, in his opinion, is to consider an alternative outside the two big parties when voting in the 2020 polls.



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