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Meet Dr. Mensah Otabil’s only son Yoofi Otabil with his American wife and kid



Social media is currently buzzing with the latest photos of the only son of Rev. Dr. Mensah Otabil, Yoofi Otabil and his beautiful wife believe to be an American having a good time with their kid.

It is not known how many children they have but photos show they have a son who was born in December 2018.

Not much is known of the man of God’s family, although somewhere in 2017 when Capital Bank collapsed, his daughter Baaba Otabil sent a consoling message to her dad and this gained great engagement across social media channels.

Yoofi and his nuclear family are currently living in the United States where he works as a professional photographer.


Check out some of his trending photos shared on Instagram:

linds otabil

Linds Otabil, wife of Yoofi Otabil and son

yoofi otabil

Linds Otabil, wife of Yoofi


yoofi otabil

Son of Linds and Yoofi Otabil


yoofi otabil

Yoofi Otabil

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