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Mr. Motivator a Jamaican TV star wants his ashes fed to mourners in sandwiches at his funeral



Jamaican-born British fitness instructor and TV star, Derrick Errol Evans, better known as Mr. Motivator has said he wants his ashes fed to mourners in sandwiches at his funeral.

Mr. Motivator

The 66-year-old rose to fame in 1993 through appearances on the UK breakfast television show GMTV, where he performed live fitness sessions and offered tips and advice to viewers.

Mr. Motivator

Speaking about his funeral plans, he told The Daily Star: “When you have a funeral in Jamaica loads of people just want free food.

“So I want my ashes mixed up with fish paste and made into sandwiches and given out to people. It’s all planned.”


But Mr. Motivator says it will not happen any time soon because he has another 50 years before he dies.

He added to the publication: “I’m living to 114 though. The years have been kind to me because I’m positive.”




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