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2020 Elections

NDC secret poll shows Mahama will lose to Akufo-Addo



Confidential research carried out by a shadowy think tank linked to the opposition National Democratic Congress shows that the New Patriotic Party’s Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo is Ghanaian voters’ clear choice, outgunning John Dramani Mahama of the NDC as the candidate to win the 7 December presidential election.

A draft report from the latest poll/survey, carried out by the Center for Policy Research, has been leaked exclusively to Asaase Radio.

We can reveal that the NDC’s own research shows that, whereas respondents who identify with the NPP are overwhelmingly loyal to Akufo-Addo and will back him to win the presidency (93.5%, against 3.2% who said they will support Mahama), 91% of NDC-inclined voters would choose Mahama – but another 4.8% from inside the NDC camp would vote for Akufo-Addo.

Tilting towards Akufo-Addo

The researchers used party identification as the basis for their work. This allowed them to pinpoint gaps between voter demand and perception of the parties.

The aim was to highlight not only which segments of the voter population “are available for grabs” but also which kinds of messages can sway voters in the short term.

The survey shows NPP-inclined respondents giving the party’s presidential candidate a hefty endorsement. Over 86% backed Candidate Akufo-Addo in 2016 (against 82.5% of NDC supporters who voted for Mahama) and a further 6.3% of NDC backers chose Akufo-Addo over their own party candidate.

This year, 85.4% of NPP supporters say they will definitely vote, against 82.2% of NDC followers for Mahama.

The same modest tilt in Akufo-Addo’s favour marks the data about voters’ attitude to candidates. Where just under 88% of respondents think that John Mahama cares more about ordinary Ghanaians, over 90% think the same thing of President Akufo-Addo.

Vision of development

More own-party supporters think that Akufo-Addo has shown commitment to Ghana’s development, introduced policies that have helped put money in their pockets, and shown seriousness in the fight against corruption (81.6%, against 78.9% of NDC supporters for Mahama).

Importantly, the pro-NPP respondents also believe that their party will fight hard to tackle poverty: 85.4% of NPP voters, 26.6% of independents and 14.6% of those who support other parties say the NPP will “have a true and meaningful fight against poverty”. By contrast, 81.1% of NDC followers, 21.7% of independents and 11% of those who support other parties have confidence in the NDC to do the same.

Overwhelming majorities of NPP supporters told the researchers that Nana Akufo-Addo has the capacity to solve problems of youth unemployment, has a bigger vision of national development and will be the best person to choose in the 2020 election because of his performance in government.

Similarly, the pro-NPP respondents have greater confidence in their party’s ability to raise revenue for national development (87.1% to the NDC’s 83.9%). Even more noticeably, they believe that the NPP will do more to support small businesses (88.2% of pro-NPP supporters, against 85.4% for the NDC), will manage the economy more competently (89.2% against NDC’s 86.6%) and will ensure reliable power supply (90.6%, against the NDC’s 78.8%).

Optimistic reading

Although the detailed findings show voters giving preference to the governing party over the NDC in their perception of how well the parties have performed in delivering on most voter demands, the researchers present their summary results in the most optimistic light possible.

The summary conclusion says: “The data shows that the December 2020 elections is presently a neck-to-neck race (Nana Addo 40.3%, John Mahama 40.1%; 14% undecided; and 3% for other parties [sic]).” This does not seem to be borne out by the detailed findings seen by Asaase Radio.

The researchers identify five regions where the NDC must do most work to swing the election in its favour: Bono East, Central, Greater Accra, Savannah and Upper West. There must also be a special focus on the Volta Region to ensure a significant turnout.

The study summary suggests that targeting first-time voters and co-operating with smaller parties could give the NDC a decisive edge.

NPP supporters eye the prize

The research shows that an overwhelming majority of NPP voters believe that the economy will become much better in the next two years (75.1%). Among NDC supporters, however, the corresponding figure is just 33.2%.

A large proportion of voters for independents (35) and other parties (48.8%) remain undecided whom they will vote for in the presidential election, the researchers found.

The authors of the report – Michael Kpessa-Whyte of the Institute of African Studies and Mumuni Abu of the Regional Institute for Population Studies, both of the University of Ghana – are well-known political commentators. Both men are members of the short-lived Concerned University Lecturers of Ghana, a thinly veiled pro-NDC pressure group. Kpessa-Whyte is a former presidential staffer and advisor on policy. He stood for the NDC parliamentary nomination for Shai-Osudoku in 2016.

The survey was supervised by Kafui Tsekpo, a social policy specialist studying for a Ph.D. at the University of South Africa. Tsekpo is also a fellow of the African Leadership Centre. He carried out a post-mortem of the 2016 general election and has worked as a research assistant at the Institute of African Studies in Legon, which is led by Professor Dzodzi Tsikata.

The self-styled “Center for Policy Research” (CPR for short, ironically) is similarly named to, but not the same organisation as the reputable Centre for Social Policy Studies at the University of Ghana.

The CPR survey was carried out between September and October this year. A total of 10,448 respondents across all 16 regions of Ghana were interviewed face to face for the study. The researchers received financial support from the Friedrich-Ebert Foundation.


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2020 Elections

Keep your receipts because I’ll audit COVID-19 Funds – Mahama



Keep your receipts because I’ll audit COVID-19 Funds – Mahama

Keep your receipts because I’ll audit COVID-19 Funds – Mahama

Mr. John Dramani Mahama has indicated he will audit the COVID-19 fund that has been created to finance activities relating to the fight against the pandemic.

He cautioned all persons who use the funds to keep their receipts because “the day of accountability will come”.

The government of President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo created the COVID-19 Trust Fund to solicit funds from the general public to help fight the pandemic.

The Fund, according to President Akufo-Addo has accrued GH₵8,750,000.

“I’m very grateful to individuals and institutions who have responded to my appeal for donations to be made into the COVID-19 National Trust Fund. A total amount of some 8,750,000 cedis which includes 600,000USD has been received.

“I’m happy that so many appointees of my government have also followed my example by donating their salaries to the fund,” President Akufo-Addo said.

But in a Facebook Live presentation on Thursday April 23, Mr Mahama called on Ghanaians to demand accountability in the disbursement of the Funds.

“I don’t think I need to become President before we demand accountability. All those spending the COVID-19 money should be keeping the receipts because the day of accountability is fast approaching,” he said.

He added: “Let us all join hands in demanding accountability and transparency from the government in the management of the COVID-19 funds, after all these are public funds contributed by tax payers.

“I am passionately appealing to the government to ensure a timely release of these funds to the institutions, health and non-heath, so that they can discharge their duties appropriately and according to plan.”

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2020 Elections

Read FULL JUDGEMENT of the 2020 election petition



Read FULL JUDGEMENT of the 2020 election petition

Read FULL JUDGEMENT of the 2020 election petition

The Supreme Court, by a unanimous decision, has affirmed the victory of President Akufo-Addo in the 2020 presidential election.

“The petitioner has not produced any evidence to rebut the presumptions created by the publication of CI 135 for which his action has failed. We have, therefore, no reason to order for a rerun … we accordingly dismiss the petition as having no merit,” Chief Justice Anin-Yeboah ruled.

With this unanimous, seven-member decision, the Supreme Court dismissed the petition.

The court determined that the petitioner had based his case on an error made by the chair of the Electoral Commission during the declaration of the election result on 9 December 2020, but that the error could not void the will of the people in electing a president.

The Supreme Court also held that the error made by the EC in using total votes cast as the basis for reckoning the total valid votes during the declaration was corrected, and that the correction was made in accordance with the law.

Read full judgement below:


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2020 Elections

Tell us how you bought those two V8 Land Cruisers – Asawaase NDC youth pour their anger on Sammy Gyamfi



Tell us how you bought those two V8 Land Cruisers - Asawaase NDC youth pour their anger on Sammy Gyamfi

The youth of the opposition National Democratic Congress in Asawaase constituency in the Kumasi Metropolis have written a cold catching open letter to the party’s national communication officer Mr. Sammy Gyamfi for attacking the honorable Speaker of parliament Mr. Alban Bagbin, Hon. Muntaka Mubarak, and Hon. Haruna Iddrisu after parliament approved three NPP ministerial nominees which included Hon. Kwadwo oppong Nkrumah, Dr, Owusu Akoto Osei, and Hon. Hawa Koomson who were disapproved at the appointments committee level.

After the speaker of parliament delivered the results of the voting to the plenary which outrightly favored these contentious ministerial appointees, the party’s national communication officer took to his Facebook wall to denigrate the integrity of the party’s leadership in the parliament. He wrote on his Facebook wall;

Comrades, the betrayal we have suffered in the hands of the Speaker of Parliament, Rt. Hon. Alban Bagbin, the leadership of our Parliamentary group, particularly Hon. Haruna Iddrissu and Hon. Muntaka Mubarak, and dozens of our own MPs, is what strengthens me to work hard for the great NDC to regain power.
They brazenly defied the leadership of the party and betrayed the collective good for their selfish interest. And we, must not let them succeed in their parochial quest to destroy the NDC, the party that has done so much for them and all of us. The shame they have brought on the party will forever hang like an albatross around their necks.

These are hard times for all of us but we should not let the betrayal of a few quench our love for the great NDC.

Rather, let it strengthen us to fight for this party. We all have an equal stake in this party. They are few, we are many. Some have sold their conscience but ours is intact.

And we, can work together to rebuild the party from the ashes of 3rd March, 2021, which I call “Black Wednesday ”- Our day of self-inflicted shame.

This is the time for us to insist on the right changes in the leadership of the NDC group in Parliament or forget about them completely. The current leadership have lost their moral authority to lead and are not fit to sit on the front bench of the NDC side of the house.

More importantly, it’s about time we understood, that we don’t have any NDC Speaker of Parliament. No we don’t! We have a Speaker who rode on the back of the NDC into Office to pursue his own parochial agenda and nothing more. You trust them, at your own peril.

The hypocrites can choose to remain quiet or even condemn us for speaking up, so they can remain in the good books of the renegades. But I and all who are pained by this act of betrayal will not keep quiet, because we don’t fear anyone and don’t wish to be in their good books. If they can defy the party leadership and interest openly and subject all of us to public ridicule, then they can and must also be called out openly. The NDC party is supreme and it must be cleansed.

Speak up, we can and must! And let nobody stand in our way. But, when all is said and done, let’s work for the NDC with all our might and strength. Quench not your love for the party. Hope must not die. This storm shall pass. The NDC will survive and shall bounce back stronger for victory. So I say to you, be strong!

*Sammy Gyamfi Esq.*

In replying to Mr. Gyamfi’s fierce comment, the party’s youth in the Asawaase constituency led by the constituency’s Director of Communication have written to Sammy Gyamfi asking 3 critical questions that bother on his integrity. They wrote;

Comrades, the so called statement of betrayal by Sammy Gyamfi has come to our notice.

If one is to talk about betrayal, it is the leadership of the NDC party in which Sammy Gyamfi is part that has betrayed us. It is the leadership of the party that is not being truthful to us and betraying us, not our hard working MPs.

The leadership of the party held meeting with the leadership of the MPs caucus, they presented all their challenges in parliament as far as this voting of nominees are concern, as a vibrant communication officer as you claim you are, wouldn’t it have been prudent enough for you to make us aware of the reality on the ground than trying to incite us against our MPs?

So if you have failed to assume your responsibility as per your rules of engagement please accept it for us to move on. Come to think of it, you can’t be more Catholic than the Pope.

You can’t be more NDC than The speaker of parliament, Hon. Muntaka Mubarak, Hon. Haruna Iddrisu and other hard working NDC MPs.

As you are touting yourself with integrity than these hard working NDC MPs with rich experience in which you yourself know is not true and can’t be true with unsubstantiated allegation.

We would like to caution you to desist from this undeserving misconduct of a national officer of our great party, more importantly, the barrage of attacks on our hard working Member of Parliament, Hon. Muntaka Mubarak and his colleagues.

Mr. Sammy Gyamfi if you live in a glass house don’t throw stones and if you can’t take blow please don’t throw blows, let us have some integrity test for us to see if you will indeed pass this test for “he who comes to equity must come with clean hands”;

1. Can you tell us with all honesty a company or an institution in Ghana that you have worked with before possessing all that you have today and at what salary base Mr. Integrity?

2. What do you do for a living now to lead the kind of life that you are having?

3. You have two (2) V8 Toyota Land Cruisers; can you tell us how you bought those cars and for how many years of service to a company or an institution if any?

Just to mention a few.

Sammy Gyamfi enough of your baseless and misplaced outburst, if there are people who have contributed immensely to our failure as a party in election 2020 which subsequently left us with bruises, then there is no other people than the people of which you are part of.

Instead of you to concentrate on reorganizing the party, you are rather blowing the trumpet of divisions and attacks on our own. If other constituencies will allow you to do that, please we at Asawase Constituency will not allow you! Not at all! You can’t sit somewhere and mislead us.

It won’t happen! So trek with caution.

Director of Communication Asawase Constituency

Meanwhile, honorable Muntaka on his radio station in Kumasi Zuria FM has warned Sammy Gyamfi not to enter his territory with his crass arrogance and disrespect.

However, we are yet to witness any reactions from the speaker as well as hon. Haruna.

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