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RUMOUR: Sarkodie’s wife Tracy Sarkcess gives birth to a second baby in the UK


This is the second time Sarkodie is visiting the UK within a period of 2 months, I stand to be corrected on this and this time, he traveled with his daughter, Titi.

Sarkodie has posted photos of Titi having fun in the United Kingdom──and I’m just fighting with my keyboard to know their mission in the UK after their last chillout at Aqua Safari.

Ever since it was reported that Tracy Sarkcess is pregnant and hiding in Germany preparing to welcome another baby, she has been mute on social media by refusing to post current photos of herself.

Tracy Sarkcess was also missing at Sarkodie’s 2019 Rapperholic Concert and that alone should tell you that there is an iota of truth in her pregnancy rumours.

I think Tracy Sarkcess isn’t in Germany as speculated a few months ago──I can bet with my last pesewa that she is rather in the UK preparing to welcome their second child.

Remember, Sarkodie in the latter part of 2019 posted on his Instagram stories that he needs a baby boy and that screenshot went viral on the internet with Ghanaians reading different meanings into his post.

It could also be that Tracy Sarkcess has already delivered their second child the lowkey style just to avoid making the headlines.

I’m even thinking of placing a bet that Sarkodie and Titi are in the United Kingdom to witness the birth of Sarkodie Junior──and I’m 80% sure to win this bet.

Check out photos of Titi chilling in the UK.





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