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The New MTN Mashup Voice and Data rates you should know



New MTN Mashup Voice and Data rates

The New MTN Mashup Voice and Data rates you should know

MTN Ghana has revised its MTN Pulse plan which offers subscribers mash up rates to make calls and broswe the internet. Most subscribers got confused when they realized that the mash rates have been drastically reduced, especially the voice amount.

In the previous pack, a GHS 10 subscription gave subscribers 300+ call minutes in addition to 300MB data. With the revised package, you receive between 11.25 minutes to 362.5 minutes, that is with GHS 1 to GHS 29 purchases respectively.

With GHS 29 which is the highest Mash up subscription, you get the following data and voice options to choose from;

  1. 881.46MB data and 362.5Mins voice
  2. 1057.75MB data and 290 Mins voice
  3. 1234.04MB data and 217.5 Mins voice
  4. 1762.92 MB only.

The observed reduction in the current bundles is over 50% which has caused a serious surprise among the subscribers of the telecom giant in Ghana.

A comment on MTN’s Facebook receive their response that the revision of the mashup rate was communicated earlier with all subscribers through SMS so it shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone.


A Facebook user expressed his shock in a post when he realized the new rates of MTN Mashup;

With the growing availability of information to consumers, it is easier for them to make decisions on the products or services they receive from providers. There is already an existing competition among the telecom companies in the country. This was the reason why the Communications Minister, Mrs. Ursula Owusu Akuffo earlier this year sanctioned MTN to conform with a competition leverage policy.

Vodafone already has Red package which offers both data and voice credit to subscribers and this was a directive competition to MTN’s mashup. Vodafone Red Package is still in its original state with no revisions yet.

Most netizens have threatened to boycott the MTN network if they don’t do something about their revised mashup packages.


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