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We will reject outcome of 2020 polls if we lose – NDC’s Namoale


The opposition National Democratic Congress is threatening mayhem and the possible rejection of the outcome of the 2020 polls should the party lose in the upcoming December elections.

A former MP who represented the people of Dadekotopon on the ticket of the NDC from 2013 to 2017, Nii Amasa Namoale says the party is bent on winning the December elections hence any move by the EC that will go against that dream of the party will be vehemently opposed.

The former MP’s comments follow a decision by the Electoral Commission to proceed with its intended compilation of a new voters’ register despite resistance from the NDC.

According to the NDC, the move by the EC is an unnecessary venture and a calculated attempt to rig the elections for the governing New Patriotic Party.

Speaking on Peace FM’s late night political show ‘The Platform’ Wednesday, Namoale was emphatic that his party will not settle for anything less than being declared winners at the end of the polls if the EC does not rescind its decision.

He alleged that it was the plan of the EC to deliberately frustrate the registration process at the strongholds of the NDC all in a bid to retain the NPP in power.

“We will take part in the registration exercise and if we win we will accept but if we lose we will reject the results. I am cautioning the EC to stop what it is doing because it can throw the country into pandemonium. I have said it and I will repeat myself that if we are declared winners of the 2020 polls there will be peace but we if lose, we will reject and protest it,” he asserted.

Quoting Dr Kwame Nkrumah, Ghana’s first president, the former MP averred that “no political party should boycott an election.”

He therefore advised his party to actively partake in the registration exercise as the NDC is yet to make a determination on that.

“I will advise my party to allow our members to register. What the party will say is what we will do. But my advice is that we shouldn’t boycott any election. No political party should boycott any election no matter how bad it is but go in and protest if we lose,” he stated.



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