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Why you should not drink water right after meals


Here’s why you should not drink water right  after meals

Why you should not drink water right after meals: Whether we can take water after food or not is a matter of debate that gives room for mixed responses.

If you find yourself drinking a glass of water right after your lunch, then you need to read this.

It is vital that your body receives its much-needed dose of minerals through water. But downing a glass of water right after your meals may not be the best time to quench your thirst.

Digestion is at its best only when we allow the digestive juices in the stomach to act on the food that we consume.

Shonali Sabherwal, a Macrobiotic counselor, says, Your stomach has a knack of knowing when you will eat and starts releasing digestive juices immediately.

If you start drinking water right after your meals, you are diluting the digestive juices, thereby stopping them from breaking down food.

Therefore, the assimilation of food happens rather partially not giving the fullest benefits of eating.

It is also discovered that the consumption of water immediately after food can pave the way to excess mucous secretions.

This condition can lead to associated illnesses like common colds and also loss of immune power.

According to the well-known dietician, Neha Chandna, another reason you should not drink water right after your meals is that it may cause a spike in your blood sugar levels.

When your body does not digest the foods well, it makes the glucose in food to be stored as fat.

There is then, a surge of insulin that increases your overall blood sugar levels. This can prove harmful especially to those who are diabetic.

Sipping a little water after meals may not be a concern but drinking glass or two of water right after a meal may interfere with your digestion.

It is, therefore, advisable that you drink water 30 minutes before your meal to aid digestion.

Also drink water half an hour after your meal, as this will allow your body to absorb the nutrients well. This is considered a good practice since it helps maintain the fluid levels of the body.

If you are looking forward to losing weight, you might take a glass of water half an hour before meals so that you feel full and tend to eat less.

—: thehealthsite.com


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