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Woman murdered just after exposing a man for being gay on Facebook Live


An Indianapolis woman is reportedly dead, just hours after streaming the Facebook Live video above where she exposed a local man for allegedly being gay.
The victim has been preliminarily identified as Jane Waughfield.

Yesterday, Jane went to Facebook Live to describe a situation that many are now saying led to her death.
Video shows Jane Waughfield detail an interaction she had with an associate. In the video she states she caught the man in a homosexual act, and expresses her extreme disdain for the situation.
She also states that she told the man in question that he could buy her silence on what she witnessed, giving figures as high as $5,000.

However, several times throughout the 15-minute video, she implies that her life was in danger, and the men she caught in the act ran her out of the residence and “were trying to kill her.”
She also states multiple times throughout the video that if anything happened to her, then the men in question were responsible.

Jane has since died in a shooting that led to a multi-car crash on the near northwest side.
It happened yesterday morning around 9:30am near 30th Street and Lafayette Road.
Police in the area said they heard gunshots and then the crash involving four cars.
The woman in that car had been shot. She was taken to the hospital in critical condition and later died.

Jane murdered


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