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Wow! Landlord locks Rent Control office for non-payment of rent



Landlord locks Rent Control office for non-payment of rent

The office of Rent Control Department in Amasaman, a suburb of Accra, has been locked up by the landlord for refusing to pay their monthly rent for five months.

The landlord by the name Joseph Nsiah Abugri stormed the state institution’s office premises to claim the piled-up rent payments which subsequently forced him to lock up the office after failing to receive a dime from the managers of the office.

According Mr. Abugri, the tenant (Rent Control) has defaulted five (5) months rent but still occupying the space.

He said the Department initially made a two-year advance payment to rent his place; and per the agreement between both parties, the Rent Control Department was to make monthly payments after the two years advance had expired.


This, he said, has been a real challenge for the past five months after the two years advance expired. Mr. Abugri said all efforts to collect his money have yielded no positive result.

According to him, he reported the issue to the Rent Control Department at Ministries as the law requires of him as a landlord but they directed him to make an official report to the Amasaman branch – the same people who owe him.

“When there is a dispute between a landlord and tenants, it’s the Rent Control Department that settles it. As the law requires of me as the landlord, I made an official report at the head office at Ministries. They asked me to direct it to the Amasaman office since that’s where my property is situated. In effect, they asked me to report to the same people who owe me,” Mr. Abugri said.

He continued, “I was left with only one option – to buy padlocks and lock the facility. I’m demanding the full payment of the five months arrears.”

When asked if that’s the only way he would unlock the office for them to work, Mr. Abugri said “I do not want them in my facility anymore. They should look elsewhere. There are plenty of houses in Amasaman that they can rent.”


The Rent Control Department is a division under the Ministry of Works and Housing that works co-operatively with landlords and tenants to promote optimum peaceful co-existence through education, reconciliation while also providing on rent matters in compliance with the Rent Act 220.

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