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You Rather Go And Educate Your Boss On The Digital Address System – Ofosu Kwakye To Dr. Bawumia



[dropcap]F[/dropcap]ormer Deputy Minister for Communication, Felix Ofosu Kwakye has asked Vice President Dr Mahamudu Bawumia to educate his boss, President Akufo Addo on the meaning of GPS instead of former President John Mahama.

“It does not lie in the mouth of the Vice President to come and purport to educate President Mahama on anything…with the greatest respect to the President, I doubt if he understands what GPS stands for…if he has any education, he should reserve it for his boss, the President whom I believe, President Mahama stands heads and shoulders above…” he said.

Dr Bawumia has described John Mahama as ‘clueless’ after the latter described the Ghanapost GPS system as ‘419’ scam.

Addressing NDC party faithfuls who had gathered in Cape Coast after their unity walk, the former President asked President Akufo Addo to hold accountable those who were involved in the launch of the ‘fraudulent’ system which he described as a “419” scam.


“How can you launch a Google GPS system that is freely available on our mobile phone and say it is a national addressing system. It is such a pity. Why will you embarrass the president so much? You go and take a whole president to bring him to come and launch a system that is 419…when we talk about accountability; this is where the president should show that he is serious about corruption. Somebody must account for 15 million giving away free of charge” Mahama said.

However, Dr Bawumia in respond said: “when I read his reasoning for such a description, it was evident to me that he has no clue about what he was talking about and was just engaged in parroting propaganda. I actually had a good laugh. Let me therefore take this opportunity to educate him and others who may think like him about Ghana’s landmark digital property addressing which has been achieved in less than one year, something his government could not do in eight years!”

Reacting to this in an interview on Citi FM’s eyewitness news, Monday, Ofosu Kwakye asked the Vice President to “respond directly to the allegation and stop the name calling”

“It must be noted that the Vice President is by no means an IT expert; so what he read out today was merely what he would have been told by the people who developed the App. Several experts have pointed out deep flaws in the app which do not justify the amount of money that have been invested in it. What government ought to do is to take on board criticisms of the experts who have spoken and look into talk about inflation of this app” he added.


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