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You’re confused cowards seeking power in an ‘unprofessional’ way – Songo fires NDC


You’re confused cowards seeking power in an ‘unprofessional’ way – Songo fires NDC

You’re confused cowards seeking power in an ‘unprofessional’ way: Broadcast Journalist, Countryman Songo has condemned two of Ghana’s biggest political parties over the beating of war drums due to the compilation of a new voters’ register.

The National Democratic Congress(NDC) has opposed the compilation of a new voter register in Ghana. According to the largest opposition political party in Ghana, the EC wants to use the new voters register to rig the elections on behalf of the New Patriotic Party(NPP).

The governing political party, NPP is in support of the Electoral Commission’s move to compile a new voter register because to them, the old register is bloated and there is the need for it to be cleaned by compiling a new one.

The NDC has vowed to resist the compilation of a new voter register with their blood whiles the NPP has also vowed to face any group or individuals who will want to fight against the compilation of a new voter register.

Reacting to the scuffle between the two political parties over the voters register, Broadcaster with the Multimedia Group, Countryman Songo has called for a ceasefire between the two political parties to allow the electoral Commission to do their work.

According to him, the Electoral Commission of Ghana is an autonomous body mandated by the Constitution of Ghana to manage elections in the country so politicians should not influence their work for their parochial interest.

To him, any political party that has problems with the EC’s activities should rather direct their grievances to the law court for the laws to work for them rather than beating war drums and putting fear in the people of Ghana.

“Do you think the country is for you people? Today this one will say there will be war if we don’t do this or that… Is Ghana for you? Don’t we have leadership in this country? Today they raise issues with the voters’ register, this party says they agree to the compilation of a new register, that party says it does not agree then another one will come and say we will fight and that there will be war, why? Are we fools in this country?”

“Don’t we have systems in this country and can’t these systems change? Because of someones selfish interest to become President or hold on to the presidency so people should die. They are doing all these to put fear in the Ghanaians. They are cowards, politicians are killing us. They speak like fools with no sense in their heads.”

“It’s shocking that the political parties cannot come to a consensus over just one voter register. What does the law state? The law states that the Electoral Commission is autonomous and can engage in its activities without the influence of any group of people or authority. So the wise thing is to leave the EC to do its job while you seek redress in the court rather than say there will be war if the EC compiles the register. From what the Constitution is saying, the electoral commission has not gone contrary to the laws so if there Is anything, they should challenge that in court rather than always say there will be war. Which war? If you’re looking for power look for power in a professional way.”


–: mynewsgh.com


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