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Babies with sharp teeth know that I don’t worship the god of the shrine – Koku Anyidoho bites NDC hard



Babies with sharp teeth know that that I don't worship the god of the shrine - Koku Anyidoho bites NDC hard

The former Deputy General Secretary of the opposition National Democratic Congress and now the head of the Atta Mills Institute, Mr. Koku Anyidoho has once again sparked an attack on the NDC babies with sharp teeth believed to be the so-called Mahama boys.

Koku has taken them to the cleaners for spewing insults on him for makings ideas known which were obviously in constraint to that of the party.

Many NDC Members have described him as pained and bitter for having lost his seat in the party’s primaries, he also has affirmed the assertion with his constant criticism of the party, whiles praising the New Patriotic Party.

According to many critics, Koku has betrayed his father and his party for being in bed with the ruling Akufo-Addo government after he had lost the elections.


He had once agreed to work for the Akufo Addo government. For the other who believed there was some feud between him and the former president, Mahama was convinced when Mr. Anyidoho wished the president Merry Christmas without wishing that former President Mahama who is the flag bearer of the NDC.

For many who criticized him, he in response has said that although he belongs to the party, he is not toning the line of the party on issues. This is to say that he will treat issues as he should without applying the effects and stance of the NDC to influence his. He then, in a post made on his Twitter page made some revelations that he will not succumb to the act of idolizing individuals in the party.

”I want to let the “babies with sharp teeth” and the urchins to know that, I belong to a free-thinking political party: I don’t belong to an oppressive occult group that is worshipping the god of the shrine. Let’s go back 2 the revolutionary principles of PNDC and rebuild the NDC” he wrote.


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