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How Koku Anyidoho delivered a message from Atta Mills’ ghost to Goaso-Manhene



message from Atta Mills' ghost to Goaso-Manhene

How Koku Anyidoho delivered a message from Atta Mills’ ghost to Goaso-Manhene

In a recent development, former President John Mahama paid a courtesy call to the Goaso-Manhene at his Goaso Palace as part of the Building Ghana Tour. During this meeting, a noteworthy message from the Ghost of Atta Mills, delivered by Koku Anyidoho, added a spiritual dimension to the visit. The Goasomanhene, Nana Akwasi Bosompra I, shared insights into the message and expressed gratitude for the acknowledgment of his past contributions.

The Message from the Ghost of Atta Mills

According to Nana Akwasi Bosompra I, Koku Anyidoho conveyed a message from the Ghost of Atta Mills, stating that Atta Mills came to him in a dream with a specific message for the Goasomanhene. The message emphasized the remembrance of the good works done during Atta Mills’ previous visit to the Goaso Palace. The Goasomanhene recounted providing food advice without fear, and the message suggested that those acts of kindness were not forgotten.

Addressing Neglect and Development Needs

During the visit, the Goaso-Manhene fearlessly addressed issues of neglect by the central government, particularly under the leadership of Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo. He highlighted the dire need for basic development in the region and expressed concern about the condition of the roads, which he deemed critical for transporting cocoa.

Lamenting about the Bad Roads

One of the focal points of the Goaso-Manhene’s address was the deplorable state of roads in the area. He stated that the neglect by the central government had severe consequences, with the bad roads affecting the transportation of cocoa, a vital economic activity in the region. The Goaso-Manhene passionately expressed his dismay, emphasizing that the dusty roads had led to the felling of trees by individuals from Burkina Faso, exposing the houses in the area to the vagaries of the weather.


A Plea for Attention

Tears almost rolled down the cheeks of the Goaso-Manhene as he highlighted the struggles faced by the community and pleaded for attention from the government. He questioned the perceived injustice, stating, “When we complain too, we are being gagged,” indicating the challenges faced by the community in voicing their concerns.