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My children’s safety forced me to weed – John Mahama



Ex-President John Dramani Mahama has explained that the safety of his children prompted him to recently weed the overgrown grass that had covered the median of the new military cemetery road to avoid them being involved in an accident.

Mr. Mahama was condemned by many especially his political opponents who described his act of clearing the weed as populist.

But the NDC Flagbearer for the 2020 Presidential election in an address to his supporters in a Facebook live session explained that he couldn’t have looked on for a life to be lost before clearing the weed which was not far from his residence.

“We had overgrown grass in front of where I live, I came out with my staff and some of my neighbors and we came to weed. And I got lampooned why was I coming out to weed? It was causing accidents the grass had overgrown and so if you were coming from the front of our estate you could not see who was coming from the roundabout.”


“I have children who drive, must I wait for my children to have an accident before I take the initiative to mow the grass. So I decided one day that if they don’t do it, I’ll do it and we did it.”

“It was a good initiative because the next day or a few days later they brought a tractor with a mower and they mowed the whole place right up to the Maxwell Mahama roundabout.”




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