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[HOT VIDEO] Ex-Prez Mahama preaches to the members of Assemblies of God Church



[dropcap]O[/dropcap]n Sunday, September 17, former President of the Republic of Ghana John Dramani Mahama administered the word of God to members of Ringway Estates Assemblies of God Church when the Men’s Ministry celebrated their day.

It is quite odd to see a president or even a former president preach in church as they are normally known for giving long speeches when they pay visits to churches but that cannot be said for ex-President John Dramani Mahama.

As a member of the men’s fellowship, he was asked to preach for the second time in his church and this shows how committed he is to the word of God.

Recalling his first time preaching the former president said although he was given topics to guide him as to what to say, he got confused. The whole congregation turned into laughter when he said God didn’t help him on that day as his friend assured him God will when he opens his bible to read.


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“The first time I preached in this church on one of the same men’s ministry day, I was totally confused. Kwegyei gave me some topics and then he said you open the bible and read, God will speak to you. I did everything God didn’t speak to me”, he said.




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