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Alistair Mathias is a criminal – He’s been on Police wanted list since 2014 after duping a Ghanaian businessman



Alistair Mathias is a criminal

Alistair Mathias is a criminal – He’s been on Police wanted list since 2014 after duping a Ghanaian businessman

According to reports, Alistair Mathias, a Canadian national in 2014, was placed on the police wanted list in Ghana after being accused of duping a Ghanaian businessman of over $4 million in a gold trade. The businessman claimed that Mathias took the money from him with the promise of investing it in a gold mining venture through his M.A. Resources Limited that at the time had a mining concession in the Eastern Region. However, Mathias allegedly absconded with the money and failed to deliver on his promise.

The case was reported to the Ghana Police Service, who launched an investigation and subsequently placed Mathias on their wanted list. There are no reports on whether he has been apprehended or charged with any offense.

Mathias is currently trending in the new Aljazeera’s expose that seems to have him brag about knowing several African leaders.

Speaking in the final episode of the undercover investigations of gold smuggling in Africa by the Investigative Unit of Al Jazeera, Alistair Mathias, who is one of the main characters in the video, boasted about his relationship with the Ghanaian president.


He told the undercover reporters, who had posed as Chinese criminals seeking to launder dirty money from Africa, that his relationship with Akufo-Addo is a close one. He claimed that the president is his lawyer.

“There’s no head of state or president that either of us can’t get to on this continent. Next door in Swaziland, the king is a close friend of mine. Zambia’s president is a close friend of my friend. DRC Congo, the president has invited me several times to come and build a refinery.

Ghana’s president is a good friend of mine. In fact, he was my lawyer. Cyril Ramaphosa here; I know him. I know his kids,” he bragged.

However, this latest expose involving this same gold dealer who has been on the Ghana Police wanted list leaves Ghanaians in worrying situation as most can’t confirm how serious his claims are.



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