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Bawumia Promises Tax Amnesty for Ghanaian Businesses if Elected President



Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia

In a bid to garner support for his presidential aspirations, Vice President Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia has made a significant pledge to the business community of Ghana. At his maiden speech at UPSA after winning the presidential candidature bid, Bawumia declared his intention to grant tax amnesty to all businesses in the country if elected president of the Republic of Ghana in the upcoming general elections.

The announcement comes as part of Bawumia’s campaign promises aimed at fostering economic growth, supporting small and medium enterprises (SMEs), and stimulating investment in Ghana. By offering tax amnesty, Bawumia aims to provide businesses with a fresh start, alleviating financial burdens and encouraging entrepreneurship and innovation.

Bawumia’s proposal for tax amnesty underscores his commitment to addressing the challenges faced by businesses in Ghana, particularly in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and its economic repercussions. Recognizing the vital role that businesses play in driving economic development and creating job opportunities, Bawumia’s pledge seeks to empower entrepreneurs and promote a conducive business environment.

The promise of tax amnesty is expected to resonate positively with businesses across various sectors, offering them an opportunity to restructure, reinvest, and thrive in a supportive regulatory framework. By removing barriers to compliance and facilitating business growth, Bawumia aims to unlock the full potential of Ghana’s entrepreneurial ecosystem.


As the presidential campaign gains momentum, Bawumia’s pledge to grant tax amnesty serves as a focal point for discussions on economic policy and governance. The proposal reflects his vision for a prosperous and inclusive Ghana, where businesses of all sizes can flourish and contribute to national development.

However, critics have raised questions about the feasibility and implications of implementing such a policy, emphasizing the need for careful consideration of its impact on government revenue and fiscal sustainability. Some have also called for clarity on the specific criteria and timeline for the proposed tax amnesty scheme.

In response to these concerns, Bawumia’s campaign team has reiterated their commitment to consult widely with stakeholders and develop a comprehensive plan for implementing tax amnesty in a manner that balances the interests of businesses and the broader economy.

As the electoral campaign unfolds, the promise of tax amnesty for businesses emerges as a key issue that will shape the discourse leading up to the elections. With the fate of Ghana’s economic future at stake, voters will closely scrutinize the candidates’ policy proposals and leadership credentials in determining the path forward for the nation.

Bawumia’s pledge to grant tax amnesty to businesses in Ghana underscores his commitment to economic revitalization and entrepreneurship. As the presidential race intensifies, his proposal will continue to draw attention and scrutiny, shaping the debate on the country’s development agenda and governance priorities.


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