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Free SHS Policy hasn’t been equitable to all – TEWU National Chairman Kwadwoza claims



Free SHS

Ambrose Kwadwoza, the National Chairman of the Teachers and Educational Workers Union (TEWU), has recognized the positive aspects of the Free Senior High School (SHS) policy while expressing concerns about its equitable distribution among Ghanaians.

In a recent discussion at JoyNews’ National Dialogue on the Free SHS Promise, Mr. Kwadwoza highlighted that although the Free SHS policy holds undeniable merits, its implementation has not ensured equal access for all students.

Mr. Kwadwoza pointed out that while every Ghanaian student desires to attend a boarding school, the current implementation of the policy has created disparities. He emphasized that some students face significant challenges due to long commutes and associated transportation costs, which are exacerbated by the distance between their homes and schools.

“They spend hours in traffic so if you put all those things into perspective, you will see that the Free SHS policy has not been fair to all Ghanaians,” he remarked during the dialogue.


The TEWU National Chairman underscored that students from disadvantaged backgrounds, in particular, bear the brunt of this inequality. He stressed that the unequal treatment faced by commuting students contradicts the principle of fairness embedded in the policy.

Mr. Kwadwoza further elaborated on the impact of this disparity, stating, “So, if somebody will be kept in the boarding house and fed three times and somebody who commutes daily to school and back is fed once, then already the cost barrier that you want to eliminate has been embedded on the person who is commuting from the house and back.”

Responding to arguments suggesting that students were already commuting long distances before the implementation of the Free SHS policy, Mr. Kwadwoza clarified that prior to the policy, commuting was often a result of financial constraints.

He emphasized that with the introduction of the Free SHS policy, which also includes free boarding school options, it is imperative to ensure equitable access for all students. Mr. Kwadwoza concluded by advocating for a more inclusive approach, stating, “Let everybody benefit from what is free for all Ghanaians.”

As discussions on the Free SHS policy continue, stakeholders like TEWU’s National Chairman play a crucial role in highlighting areas for improvement and ensuring that educational policies are equitable and accessible to all Ghanaian students.