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Give Me A Second Chance And I’ll Be Truthful – Mahama To Ghanaians



The former President of the Republic, John Dramani Mahama, has made a passionate plea to Ghanaians to offer him a second chance and he would be completely honest with us.

Speaking to the scores of party members who went to his house after his official notification to the party of his intent to contest in the upcoming presidential primaries of the NDC scheduled for 7th December 2018, Mr. Mahama remorseful had this to say;

“There were things we could not tell Ghanaians about. There were some home truths we denied Ghanaians. Let me put it this way, we were not completely honest with ourselves so we could not extend anything different to the good people of Ghana. Given another chance, things will be done differently”

There is no gainsaying the fact that former President Mahama lived like a movie star and allowed his newfound stardom to blindfold him from all fronts.


This phenomenon would allow him to deny what were the obvious facts with respect to his administration. On daily basis, former President Mahama kept on denying the fact that his administration was replete with massive corruption.

He also painted a very serene atmosphere as though he had been able to transform Ghana from a poor state into heaven. Even in their green book, artistic impressions on planned projects were highlighted and sold to Ghanaians as complete projects.

The former President is now admitting that he and his appointees sought to deceive Ghanaians at that time, a situation that led to their defeat.

He is asking for a second chance which will be guided by truth and honesty. What many Ghanaians are asking is, can a leopard change its spots? Majority of Ghanaians do not think so.