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Landlord Ejects Tenant For Womanizing



Landlord Ejects Tenant For Womanizing

Landlord Ejects Tenant For Womanizing

Some landlords are always sticking their noses into the business of their tenants. So, if the tenant is a man, the landlord wants to know who his girlfriend or wife is.

When the landlord is very religious, they will not put up with any promiscuity from their tenants. Some landlords even kick out tenants who are bad with women.

This is the case of a South African man who is now “homeless.” His landlord kicked him out because he brought home different women every night.

The evicted tenant’s friend tweeted, “This thing of renting back rooms ain’t it…landlord sent my friend a text.” The message was from the tenant’s landlord.


The landlord’s message said;

So you will look for another house to stay coz you must be out by month end. We have been seeing you with different girls coming from the room. Last time we see some girl cleaning the room and u never come to us to introduce your girlfriend now we are tired. This morning u went out with another girl.

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