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Latest Tramadol In Nigeria: Nigerian Youths Now Inhale Lizard ‘Shit’ To ‘Get High’



[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he President of the Association of Psychiatrists in Nigeria (APN), Dr Taiwo Sheikh, says according to a recent study, 85{c7e1ea036219e27bc6ac4bf85fe23486b28176cd83137fc774c6983643018848} of mad people in Nigeria are youths within the age bracket of 18-38.

The psychiatrist in a recent interview with Daily Independent, said the major cause of mental challenge in Nigeria has gone beyond drug abuse as the youths now inhale lizard feces as well to get high. According to him,


Our young men are sniffing lizard feces, they are putting their noses into pit toilets to inhale things from there and they are also smoking match sticks. It is now beyond the abuse of drugs sold in pharmacies.

Before now, when you talk of substance use disorder your mind goes to use and abuse of substances like heroine, Indian hemp or cocaine but this trend has changed.” he said