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Top 5 beautiful traditional halls at the University of Ghana



Top 5 beautiful traditional halls at the University of Ghana -mensah sarbah-hall

Top 5 beautiful traditional halls at the University of Ghana

Being a student of Ghana’s premier University is the dream of most young Ghanaians who want to take their academic journey further. As one travels several miles to Accra to pursue his or her academic dreams, you need a place to sleep. This needful requirement has made it a mandatory practice for the various universities in the country most especially the state owned universities to make provisions for residential facilities.

At the University of Ghana, legon, there are five 5 beautiful traditional halls of residence, eight(8) hostels, one international hostel, and two(2) graduate hostels.

The residential fees of the traditional halls which include Commonwealth Hall (all male hall), Volta Hall (all female hall), Akuafo Hall (mixed hall), Legon Hall (mixed), and Mensah Sarbah Hall (mixed) are usually cheaper compared to that of the hostels.

5 Beautiful traditional halls of residence at the University of Ghana

1. Mensah Sarbah Hall

It is one of the five traditional halls at the university of Ghana. This hall was named after a Ghanaian law hero, John Mensah Sarbah. The hall is undoubtedly the best mixed-hall on campus having won many laurels. The hall boasts of a traditional outfit known as the “OKPO”(Common Sense Rules).


Furthermore the Hall, in collaboration with the private sector, offers a variety of services (laundry, ICT, catering etc.) for her students and visitors.

It has affiliations with Katanga hall in Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) and Casford Hall at the University of Cape Coast (UCC). Alumni and students of the hall are affectionately called The Vikings due to their resilience.

The hall has two annexes, annexes A and B.


mensah sarbah-hall

Inside Mensah Sarbah Hall main

mensah sarbah-hall

Entrance of Mensah Sarbah Hall main


mensah sarbah-hall

Inside Mensah Sarbah Hall main


mensah sarbah-hall

Mensah Sarbah hall Annex building


2. Akuafo Hall

Akuafo Hall is the second oldest hall among the 5 traditional halls on the University of Ghana campus. The hall was built to commemorate the hard work of Ghanaian farmers who made generous contributions towards its construction, hence the name ‘Akuafo’ which means farmers.


The hall through partnership with third party service providers, offer laundry, restaurant, internet cafe, and printing services. There are 4 annexes in addition to the main hall, and it is a mixed-hall.


akuafo hall University of Ghana

Outside Akuafo hall main


akuafo hall University of Ghana

Inside Akuafo hall main



Akuafo Hall Annex A

3. Legon Hall

Legon Hall was the first to be built among the 5 traditional halls and is, therefore, the Premier Hall of the University.

It is located at the Centre of the school close to the biggest library in West Africa thus the Balme Library. It is also a mixed hall with a strong bond between the males and females. Legon hall has produced lots of prominent personalities in Ghana including the current President of Ghana, H.E Nana Addo Dankwah Akufo-Addo, and the country’s longest serving electoral commission, Dr. Kwadwo Afari Gyan. The has serves its members with restaurants, internet cafe, barbering shops, and minimarkets. There are two annexes addition to the main hall.

Legon Hall Main entrance

Legon Hall Main entrance



Students ready to vacate Legon Hall

4. Commonwealth Hall

Commonwealth Hall serves as the central point of the entire University of Ghana campus. The architectural flow starting from the valley of a hill and rise to the hilltop with huge cluster of blocks occupying thousands of students. This is the only male dominant hall on campus. Like any of the 5 traditional halls, commonwealth hall also has a Senior Common Room made up of mainly the alumni fraternity, and the Junior Common Room JCR members made of students. The hall currently has no annex, but plans are in the pipeline to construct ultramodern hall annex.

There facilities such as chapel, restaurant, laundry, printing services in the hall.


Students of commonwealth hall are known as VANDALS, an acronym for VIVACIOUS, AFFABLE, NEIGHBORLY, DEVOTED, ALTRIUSTIC and LOYAL. They address each other as V-MATES and the popular response is SHARP. It is also the only hall that upholds customs and traditions. VANDALS are said to be arguably the voices of the entire student body. They pride themselves with leadership qualities and unity, no wonder OLD VANDALS are always proud of the hall. You dare not go to the romantic vandal city in RED if you are a lady. They will howl “Korkor ooo korkor” once a lady is seen in red attire in the hall.

Entrance_to_Commonwealth_Hall_Bacchus garden - traditional halls at the University of Ghana

Entrance to Commonwealth Hall Bacchus garden

Entrance to Commonwealth Hall Bacchus garden

Entrance to Commonwealth Hall Bacchus garden

Drone view of Commonwealth Hall

5. Volta Hall

It is the only all-female hall at the University of Ghana Legon campus known for their discipline and neatness. The hall has churned out many respectable women such as the first female Chief Justice Georgina Theodora Woode. The   motto of the hall is “Akokor bere nso nim adekyee” which means the hen also knows the approach of dawn. Their feminine slogan is ladies with vision and style.

The hall is right in front of Commonwealth Hall at the down hill. There is a strong alliance between the hall and Commonwealth Hall. The chief vandal always performs rituals at the Volta Hall whenever they are having a procession. Occupants of the hall have access to restaurants, business center, Hair care center, and dress making shops.

Volta Hall legon - traditional halls at the University of Ghana

Volta Hall main entrance


Volta H legonall - traditional halls at the University of Ghana

Entrance view of Volta Hall annex


Volta Hall

Inside Volta Hall main


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