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Vote for Competence not based on a mere “aduru me so” slogan – Dr. Richard Anane



Dr. Richard Anane

Vote for Competence not based on a mere “aduru me so” slogan – Dr. Richard Anane

Richard Winfred Anane, a prominent member of the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP), has emphasized the importance of electing leaders based on competence rather than adhering to a traditional rotation system (aduru me so). The former Member of Parliament for the Nhyiaeso Constituency in the Ashanti Region firmly disagrees with the notion that leadership positions within the party should be determined solely based on seniority.

Dr. Anane argues that competence, loyalty, and hard work should serve as the primary benchmarks for individuals vying for the position of flagbearer within the NPP. He asserts that the party must prioritize these qualities when selecting its leadership to ensure both electoral success and effective governance for the development of Ghana.

Speaking in an interview monitored by, Dr. Richard Anane, who previously served as the Minister for Roads and Highways and Minister for Health during the tenure of President John Agyekum Kufuor, urged party delegates to carefully consider the qualities of the potential candidates. He specifically highlighted Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia as an individual possessing the requisite qualities to lead the NPP and achieve historic milestones by securing a consecutive electoral victory for the party.

Dr. Anane’s remarks reflect a growing sentiment within the party, urging a shift away from traditional patterns of leadership succession. By advocating for a focus on competence, loyalty, and hard work, he seeks to ensure that the NPP selects a leader who can not only secure political power but also effectively govern and contribute to the development of Ghana.


The call for leadership based on merit rather than seniority echoes a broader conversation in politics, emphasizing the need for qualified individuals to assume positions of authority. Dr. Anane’s perspective aligns with the evolving demands of modern governance and acknowledges the importance of electing leaders who possess the necessary skills and vision to guide the NPP towards a prosperous future.

As the NPP prepares for its upcoming leadership selection, the words of Dr. Richard Winfred Anane serve as a reminder of the importance of selecting leaders based on merit, loyalty, and a proven track record of hard work. By embracing these criteria, the party can foster a culture of excellence and enhance its chances of achieving sustainable development for the nation.

“I don’t know why people tend to be talking about Aduru me so. It’s a matter of competence. I say this because you can say it’s your time, but when we give the mantle to you, you cannot do the work,” he said.

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