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You should rather be a ‘boy boy’ to a white president – Bulldog tells President Akufo-Addo



be a 'boy boy' to a white president

You should rather be a ‘boy boy’ to a white president – Bulldog tells President Akufo-Addo

Asiamah Hanson popularly called Bulldog is of the view that President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo should not be the president of Ghana, especially at this moment when the country is going through some economic hardships.

According to him, President Akufo-Addo should by now be serving as a messenger known in the local parlance as ‘boy boy’ for a white president.

For some time, Bulldog has been advocating that Ghana should be sold to a white man to see proper development.

He explained that it is not prudent for the black man to always run to the white man to borrow money for development yet the development does not happen after the money is given to him.


“Me I have said we should sell Ghana. This is the reason why I say that; if we are going to the white man to ask them for money, to come and develop our country and we no dey see the development top, then let’s go and ask the white man to come and take over because they will know what to do.

“So, instead of going to the IMF and say give us $800 million or $2 billion [we should just tell them to come and rule]. Nana Addo should not be President. I’m giving him advice; a white man should be President and he for send am [Nana Addo] – go and buy kelewele for me, go and buy groundnut for – because that is really what he is doing, he is not doing anything. If it was borrowing and paying salaries then my three-year-old daughter can rule this country,” Bulldog said while contributing to a discussion on GhanaWeb’s ‘E-Forum’ programme.

Bulldog further noted that the economic crunch at the moment is affecting every individual within the creative arts space and wondered why many call him out when he tries to make issues of the economy personal.

He noted that the President was so arrogant that he called the bluff of the people of Kwabra East over the deplorable state of their roads.

He alleged that the president and his parliamentarians do not pay for anything in the country therefore the president should speak with respect and decorum so that young people can respect him.


“We are making issues of the economy personal because it is affecting all of us and when you mention Nana Addo’s name, they say why are you mentioning his name, is he not in the office?

…the guy is so arrogant, in capital letters ooo. He said we speak as if he doesn’t live in this country, herh! Massa you dey pay light bill? You dey pay for fuel? Don’t come talk the thing you talk; we be kiddies make we respect you, talk make we respect you. Do you pay for anything in this country? You and your Parliamentarians [all] you dey pay something? Eno be we we dey pay…” Bulldog said in pidgin.


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