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Foreign Affairs Ministry proposes GH¢644 as new Passport Application fees



Foreign Affairs Ministry proposes GH¢644 as new Passport Application fees

Proposal to Increase Passport Fees by 544% Sparks Debate in Parliament

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration has submitted a proposal to Parliament seeking approval for a significant hike in passport application fees, from GH¢100 to GH¢644, marking a substantial 544% increase. The proposal, currently under consideration by the Committee on Subsidiary Legislation, aims to address financial challenges and minimize losses incurred in the production of passport booklets.

Minister of Foreign Affairs, Shirley Ayorkor Botchwey, presented the proposal in Parliament, emphasizing the need for Ghanaians to pay realistic prices for passports starting next year. Minister Botchwey highlighted the financial strain on the economy, asserting that the current subsidy on passport fees is no longer sustainable.

Ghanaians pay just about GH¢100 for a passport, yet to produce one passport booklet, it costs GH¢400, meaning that for every passport acquired, the government has to contribute GH¢300, and this is not sustainable,” stated the minister.

Comparisons with other West African Countries

The Committee on Foreign Affairs’ report on the ministry’s 2024 budget estimates included a comparison of Ghana’s passport fees with those of other West African countries. Ghana’s current rate of $7.7 was revealed to be the lowest within the sub-region. In contrast, countries such as Cameroon charge $180, Guinea $57, Guinea-Bissau $65, Burkina Faso $80, and Nigeria $54.29.


Minister Botchwey, speaking outside the chamber, emphasized that the existing passport fees in Ghana are insufficient to cover production costs, leading to a deficit in passport booklet printing and hindering necessary investments in the Passport Office.

Passports as Travel Documents

Addressing the evolving role of passports, Minister Botchwey noted that they are no longer primary sources of identification due to the availability of national IDs. Consequently, individuals applying for passports typically do so with the intention to travel. The proposed fee increase aims to align passport costs with the economic reality, given the rising expenses associated with international travel.

The minister appealed to Ghanaians not urgently requiring passports to refrain from applying, given the proposed fee adjustments. Additionally, she highlighted ongoing efforts to enhance services at passport application centers, providing applicants with options for consular services, passports, visas, or attestations. These options include premium centers offering world-class services for a fee, catering to those seeking enhanced convenience.

The proposed fee hike, while eliciting debate, reflects the ministry’s efforts to address financial challenges and enhance the sustainability of passport services in Ghana.

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