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Ghana Bids Farewell to 70 Refugees Headed to the USA for Resettlement



70 refugees from Ghana have embarked on a transformative journey to the United States of America (USA), bidding farewell to their homeland. The news, shared by media personality and host of Date Rush, Giovani Caleb, sheds light on the successful resettlement of these individuals after careful consideration of their individual cases.

The refugees’ journey to the USA marks a pivotal moment in their lives as they transition from their status as refugees in Ghana. Giovani Caleb highlighted that the change in their status resulted from a thorough examination of their individual cases, considering established eligibility criteria. This process involved submitting the identified cases to U.S. authorities for further screening and processing, ensuring that each individual met the requirements for resettlement.

In a Twitter post on November 30, 2023, Giovani Caleb shared the news, expressing his joy at the positive outcome for the refugees. He stated, “70 refugees from Ghana last night departed to begin a new life in the USA. This brings an end to their status as refugees. After identifying their cases based on established eligibility criteria, the cases were submitted to the US for further screening and processing.

Caleb emphasized that resettlement is one of the three durable solutions, alongside voluntary repatriation and local integration, offering refugees a fresh start and the prospect of building a new life in a different country.



Ghana’s History as a Host to Refugees

Ghana has played host to many refugees over several decades, providing a temporary haven for individuals fleeing conflict, persecution, or other adverse conditions. The departure of this group of refugees for resettlement in the USA adds a new chapter to Ghana’s history in the context of humanitarian efforts and global collaboration.


While the news brings optimism, uncertainties linger regarding the specific group of refugees departing for the USA. The identities and backgrounds of these individuals remain undisclosed, highlighting the discreet nature of such resettlement processes.

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